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Sofia Ramos is a young woman whose family was rescued by Batman after being experimented on by a consortium of billionaires in a secret project known as the Ark Program. Sofia's parents were killed and she was recruited and brainwashed by Ra's al Ghul into being a soldier for his army by the name Babylon. Black Lightning and the Outsiders liberated Sofia from Ra's' control, and she became a member of the team.

Early Life

When she was young, Sofia and her parents, Gabriel and Ana, were abducted by a consortium of billionaires. The Ramos family was experimented on by these billionaires, who sought to possess a sizeable force of metahumans for their own nefarious purposes. Soon enough this project, known as the "Ark Program" was shut down by Batman, who burned the facility to the ground.[1]

In the aftermath, all of the captives perished except for Sofia and her parents, who all gained metahuman abilities, Batman relocated the family to Los Angeles, hoping they could have a normal happy life together. Unfortunately, the experiments from Ark Program took their toll on Sofia's mother and she died soon after their relocation, leaving Gabriel to raise Sofia all alone.[1]

On the Run

Years later Sofia and her father, now living a relatively normal life in L.A., were ambushed by a mysterious man while they were stuck in a traffic jam. The man killed her father but could not kill Sofia in the same manner, so he tossed her off the overpass, allowing Sofia to escape thanks to her metahuman powers. She tried to leave town but she was intercepted by Kaliber at the train station who was sent to protect her by Batman. He told her that the man who killed her father is named Ishmael, an enforcer of Ra's al Ghul, an immortal terrorist who apparently wanted Sofia to serve him.

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  • Regenerative Healing: After being experimented on by the Ark Program Sofia gained a regenerative healing factor.[1]
    • Enhanced Endurance: A portion of her ability, Sofia possesses a high tolerance for pain that exceeds the capacity of a normal human.[1]
  • Pain Empowerment: Sofia's strength is tied to pain, the more pain she endures the stronger she can become.[1]


  • Power Limitation: While Sofia's abilities do grant her a high degree of survivability, they do have their limits and she can still die.



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