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The Solar System is the star system where Earth and its neighboring bodies reside.


Points of Interest

Planets within the Solar System

30th Century

75th Century

  • In the 75th Century, on the Earth-Two timeline, the Solar System will be joined by an alien planet, which will thenceforward exert terrific gravitational forces on all the Solar Planets, including Earth. One scientist will be able to stabilize and balance these forces, and will assume the role of "Coordinator."[1]


  • All living creatures in Earth.
  • Martians (Formerly; survivors are living in Earth)
  • Saturnians
  • Titanians (30th Century)
  • In the Earth-54 universe, all planets and moons of the Solar System are inhabited.
  • Some stories (mainly in the Golden Age) indicate that all planets in the Solar System are inhabited; some retcons indicate that some of these stories took place in an alternate universe, but not everything was actually retconned.
  • In the Earth-Two universe, the Sun is inhabited, by aggressive female warriors, and their fiery flying horses, all ruled over by Queen Flamina.[2]


  • Starting in 2006, Pluto was no longer classified as an "official" planet, by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

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