He was part once a prisoner who was experimented on and had the minds of 2 others placed in his body. The prison was eventually attacked by Artemis and he was the sole survivor. After building a criminal empire, started to stalk Red Hood and the Outlaws. It was eventually revealed that he was apparently Red Hood's father; Willis Todd and that Ma Gunn was actually his grandmother. Red Hood eventually started following Underlife with Arsenal and promised to finish the job after Roy's death. Eventually, Red Hood found out that Solitary was based in the same prison his father went to and that Artemis had destroyed it. After further exploring it, he was attacked by Wingman but was rescued by floating blocks which were revealed to be controlled by Bunker. However, before being able to free him, he was attacked by Solitary but Jason revealed that his father had a Bat-Brand on his right arm while he didn't. Jason then stabs him with the crowbar and Bunker brings down the building, killing Solitary.




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