Quote1.png I didn't earn my rep. I didn't even earn the tattoo on my arm. I wasn't bidun rahma. Not merciless at all. I got scared, man. Who the hell was I? How was I gonna survive in a cruel world like mine? That's when the ring came for me. When Volthoom came to feed-- Quote2.png
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Solomon Baz was the Earth 3 doppelgänger of Simon Baz.

He was once a getaway driver with a fearsome reputation until he took a job delivering a bomb to a concert. Arriving at the venue, Solomon relented, unable to bring himself to blow up the young concertgoers. Questioning his identity and overcome with insecurity, Solomon was soon selected to become the new host and victim of the Ring of Volthoom.

When his life was inevitably consumed by the ring, Solomon joined the other deceased ring bearers of the Power Ring Corps in the Green Realm. There he remained, buried in the dirt, until called upon to face his Earth 0 counterpart.[1]




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