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Solomon Grundy is the Avatar of the Grey.

Death & Beginnings

In life Solomon was just a simple poor man who worked his fingers to the bone in order to support his anxious wife Pinney and newborn child. In 1898, he worked at the local butcher shop while constantly under the watchful eye of his morally dubious boss, Henry Pittance. One day his wife ran out of the office of his employer after what had appeared to be a molestation incident as evident by her screaming, though he quickly fell back in line when Henry ordered it.

Yet hours later Pinney had returned standing atop a conveyor belt with a knife at her throat, soon after committing suicide and rolling into the murky swamp water after apologizing to her husband out of regret and disgrace. Solomon's boss ordered him to pick up the trash immediately afterwards, but by then the devastation had already sunken in. Having suffered a catastrophic crisis of conscious due to his beloved's passing Solomon quickly grabbed his own cutting knife and stormed back into the slaughterhouse.

Quickly massacring his boss and several other employees in rapid succession Solomon finally committed suicide, while chanting the christening lullaby he would often sing to his infant progeny up until the end. Yet something would not let him expire. Either the sound of Solomon's crying offspring ended up reviving him or death was the catalyst necessary for something to revitalize him, regardless as to what triggered the change one thing was clear as day; Grundy lived.

First encounter with the Wonders

Shortly after Alan Scott was given the power of the Green Lantern by The Green, Grundy emerged and attacked Washington, D.C., draining the life from everything he and his tendrils have touched along the way. This brought him into direct confrontation with Jay Garrick (the Flash), Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl), and Al Pratt (the Atom), who fought the creature while the Sandmen evacuated the President from the Oval Office. Alan Scott soon joined the fray, and eventually discovered Grundy's weakness by dragging him to the Moon, where there would be no life to drain.

Return to Earth

Grundy eventually managed to get off the moon, returned to Earth, and continued trying to kill Green Lantern.

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  • Solomon Grundy is also known as Grundy and Man of Grey.



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