Quote1 Solomon Grundy reconsider fighting girls. Quote2
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Solomon Grundy is a supervillain who doesn't fight girls.

Solomon Grundy begins to terrorize a local city. The Super Best Friends Forever (Wonder Girl, Supergirl, and Batgirl) are sent to defeat him. However, Grundy refuses to fight girls.

Wanting to fight the zombie, the girls beg Grundy to fight and even mock him to spark his anger. The villain stays firm with his "no fighting girls" pledge.

The heroes decide that they will not be insulted by the zombie and attack him, even if he will not fight back. The girls easily defeat Grundy and leave him for the police. Defeated, Grundy says he will consider fighting girls.[1]


  • Zombie Physiology
    • Superhuman Strength: Grundy is incredibly strong. He can lift a car with ease and even smoothly rip a light post out of the ground.
    • Resurrection: Solomon Grundy is a zombie that is reborn whenever he dies.
    • Power Yell: Solomon Grundy's voice is so strong, he can almost blow back the Super Best Friends Forever simply by yelling.


  • Sexism: Grundy refuses to fight girls, leading to the Super Best Friends Forever to easily defeat him.



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