"Christened On a Tuesday":

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy #2 is an issue of the series Solomon Grundy (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2009.

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Synopsis for "Christened On a Tuesday"

The year is 1875. Cyrus Gold feels guilty, and against his better judgement, he kills Dugan with a knife in an alley, and an old man watches the horrific sight gleefully.

In the present, Etrigan and Solomon Grundy fight each other while falling from the bridge that they destroyed, and they plummet into the water below. In Slaughter Swamp, Phantom Stranger contacts Alan Scott in his mind, and tells the Green Lantern that he can't die there, and that Cyrus still needs his help. Alan flies out of the swamp's murky waters, and heads into Gotham City, where he uses his ring to save all the people and the cars that fell off of the bridge. Alan asks his ring where Grundy is, and it informs him that Grundy is below him, in Gotham Bay. Under the water, Grundy and Etrigan continue their struggle. Etrigan punches into Solomon's chest, and tries to rip his heart out, and he is quite confused and surprised when he doesn't find a heart there. Grundy uses the momentary distraction, and punches straight through Etrigan, with his fist coming out of the demon's back.

Etrigan screams in pain and rage, and burns Grundy's arm, roasting the zombie to a crisp. he prepares to remove Grundy's head as a trophy, but Green Lantern arrives and stops the fight, putting Etrigan in a bubble with his ring. The two recognize each other, and Etrigan angrily teleports away, out of the bubble. Alan looks around, and realizes that Grundy is gone. Elswhere, Grundy washes up on shore, as the sun comes up, he turns back into Cyrus Gold.

1875. A group of men beat Cyrus Gold to a pulp in Dugan's Alley, getting revenge oh him for killing Dugan. Someone stops them, and Cyrus flees. He goes to a dock, where a man approaches him, and offers him riches and power if he works for him. Cyrus agrees, and the man says that Cyrus will work for him until he dies.

A man walks into a junkyard, and finds that Cyrus has murdered the owner with a knife. The man starts running, but Cyrus kills him too, and he recognizes the man as Dugan. To his astonishment, he also realizes that the knife he's holding is the one that killed him. Cyrus runs out of the yard, but a car magnet falls, and crushes him. Meanwhile, the two LexCorp truck drivers still haven't fixed their truck, and they're killing time, having a peeing contest. Cyrus, who apparently revived under the magnet as Grundy, comes up behind them, and crushes their heads together. Meanwhile, another LexCorp employee informs Lex Luthor of the truck's current situation, and Lex, peeved at them for putting their cargo in danger, asks to have them killed. Grundy hears the employee over the truck's radio telling the two dead drivers to sit tight, and Grundy crushes the truck, exploding it. Bizarro emerges from the burning wreckage, happy to be free.

Bizarro grabs Grundy's arm, and uses his x-ray vision, and realizes that Grundy isn't who he thinks he is. Bizarro hugs Grundy, thinking that they're friends. Grundy takes this the wrong way, and declares that no one grabs him, right before punching Bizarro across the city, and into a bridge. Bizarro flies out of the bridge, and pushes Grundy through a building. Grundy pounds his fists on the sides of Bizarro's head, stunning him. Bizarro drops Grundy into the power plant under them, causing a large electrical explosion. The two get up, and Grundy leaps into the air after Bizarro, declaring that he'll kill the backwards duplicate. The two continue trading blows, and they crash into a penthouse. Bizarro calls the place an 'ugly plant room' because of the large number of plants there, and the two begin laughing. Bizarro flies off and comes back with some hot dogs, and the two sit on a rooftop and eat until sunrise.

Once the sun comes up, Grundy turns back into Cyrus, much to the confusion of Bizarro. Bizarro grows sad that Grundy 'left', and he flies off. Below him, in the penthouse, Cyrus' limp form is covered by plants, which are being controlled by Poison Ivy.


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