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"Worse on a Friday!":

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy #5 is an issue of the series Solomon Grundy (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2009.

Synopsis for "Worse on a Friday!"

In 1885, Cyrus Gold runs through a crowd of people, saying that they're all liars and cheaters, and that they'll never get his money. He sees the Grim Reaper in the distance, who tells him that it's his time. He refuses, and continues running. Suddenly, he's in Slaughter Swamp, and the evil voice begins laughing.

Alan Scott talks to Molly's doctor, and Alan lies to him, saying that he and molly are not married, as he's in his Green Lantern costume. The doctor leaves, and Alan begins wondering how Grundy found his home, since, in all the years they've fought, Grundy has never targeted his home or his power battery. Realizing he's powerless, Alan decides to set things straight.

Cyrus, now Solomon Grundy, trudges through the burning Slaughter Swamp, asking who dares to attack him. Two lasers blast out of the smoke, cutting his arms off. Amazo emerges from the smoke, and he concludes that his objective to destroy Slaughter Swamp is complete. He prepares to blast Grundy with his ion cannon, but Grundy's arm reaches up and grabs his head, and snaps it off. Grundy's limbs reattach themselves, and Amazo's body scans Grundy, and begins modeling itself after him. The robot becomes Amazo Grundy, and the two collide in a titanic struggle, brutalizing each other amid the burning wastes of the swamp. Grundy punches through Amazo's head, but he stretches his arms and wraps them around Grundy, crushing him. Amazo's body marvels at how Amazo has duplicated Grundy's qualities, noting that this is unlike any power absorption Amazo has done before. Amazon suddenly begins talking to Grundy normally, and asks if Cyrus thought he'd forgive him, and that he wouldn't figure it out. Amazon projects a hologram of Professor Ivo, who recounts how Grundy lied to Ivo when he promised Ivo that he would die, when they partnered so that Grundy could take his place. He tells Grundy that since he has to live forever with his curse, Amazo will kill Grundy every time the zombie revives, for eternity. Grundy breaks out of Amazo's grip, but the robot fires a small bomb into the hole in Grundy's chest, and it explodes inside of him.

Elsewhere, Bizarro sits on a rooftop brooding, because he misses Grundy. He sees an explosion in Slaughter Swamp, but before he can go check it out, a group of LexCorp troops move in, and trap Bizarro in an electrical net. Meanwhile, Alan Scoot stand in front of the wreckage of his home concentrating. Slowly, he brings back every bit of the lost power batter energy, and he reforms the power battery, and restores his ring.

Back in the swamp, Amazo scans for evidence that Grundy is still alive, but finds none. Suddenly, he gets pulled underwater. In his satellite, Ivo is startled when a space craft from earth comes to arrest him. Phantom Stranger walks around Valhalla Cemetery, and tells Spectre that he senses a great evil rising, and since knows Grundy will be apart of it, he's taken steps to remove him. He asks for Spectre's help in knowing who else will be involved, since Spectre is from the land of the living and the land of the dead. In Slaughter Swamp, Cyrus Gold rises out of the water, and sees his knife. He begins to remember how he died, but he knows that none of that is true. He hears the evil laugh again, and he tries to run, as the voice says it will never forgive him. Cyrus turns to look straight ahead, and runs right into Solomon Grundy. Suddenly, a dart comes out of nowhere, and hits Cyrus in the neck, knocking him out. The shooter shows himself, and it's none other than Frankenstein, and a group of soldiers.

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