"Buried On a Sunday!": Cyrus Gold remembers all that's happened to him, and he finally rises out of the murky waters of Slaughter Swamp, along with Solomon Grundy. Grundy asks Cyrus who killed him, and, Cyrus, believing the zombie to not be real, refuses to answer

Quote1.png I was a thief. A murderer. The swamp was my ally. But the swamp frightened me. And the old man wouldn't let me go. I was tormented by my sins. I reneged on the bargain. I would not be murdered -- like some commoner. Like those I had killed and dumped here. They would not get me. So-- I-- I shook the devil's hand. I killed myself. Quote2.png
Cyrus Gold

Solomon Grundy #7 is an issue of the series Solomon Grundy (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2009.

Synopsis for "Buried On a Sunday!"

Cyrus Gold remembers all that's happened to him, and he finally rises out of the murky waters of Slaughter Swamp, along with Solomon Grundy. Grundy asks Cyrus who killed him, and, Cyrus, believing the zombie to not be real, refuses to answer him. Grundy angry smacks Cyrus into a nearby tree, and states that Cyrus knows who it was, and that there's no more time for distractions or delays. They remember all that's happened to them in the past week, and Grundy angrily grabs Cyrus and dunks him underwater, asking if Cyrus sees how he's been used. The evil voice mocks Cyrus, telling him how he was used to become a mindless murdering machine. Meanwhile, Alan Scott and Phantom Stranger search for Cyrus in the ruins of the swamp, and Alan remarks that he still feels something evil lurking there.

Cyrus finds the knife that killed him, and picks him up, reflecting on what happened in 1885. He is pulled from his thoughts by a voice, and he turns to see Etrigan, who attacks him. Cyrus asks why the demon wants to kill him, and Etrigan responds by burning his head. Cyrus is surprised to find himself unharmed, and Etrigan explains that he doesn't want Cyrus dead, but rather, he wants to see the man safely led. He also replies that there isn't however, any reason to stop the fun, and rips off one of Cyrus' arms. He slams Cyrus against a tree, and is about to bite his head off, when Phantom Stranger and Green Lantern arrive. Alan blinds Etrigan with the light from his Green Lantern Ring, and shields himself when Etrigan returns the greeting with a blast of hellfire. He blasts Etrigan in the eyes again, and Etrigan furiously rips through Alan's protective bubble, exclaiming that Cyrus' curse will stay with him. He turns, and notices Cyrus isn't there, giving Alan time to form handcuffs around Etrigan's hands. Alan announces that he's set Cyrus Gold free to choose his own future, much to the dismay of Etrigan, who howls at the moon.

Cyrus Gold and Phantom Stranger meet in another part of the swamp as the sun rises, and Phantom Stranger announces that it's time for the truth to be revealed. Cyrus thinks back to that moment in the swamp in 1885, and remembers clearly.

He was chased to Slaughter Swamp and cornered. He reneged on his deal, and he refused to be killed by anyone. Concluding that his life was own, he decided that he would live and die by his own hand. Thus, he plunged the knife into his own heart. He shook the devil's hand. He killed himself.

Cyrus kneels down and puts his head in his hands, tearfully coming to the realization that he created Solomon Grundy. He's brought pain and misery to unknown people. The Stranger tells him that the truth will set him free, and he reappears a ways away to meet up with Alan. Alan asks if he knows, and if he's forgiven. Cyrus angrily refuses, and the old man's voice calls out, and Cyrus is dragged under the murky swamp waters. Alan tries to help, not wanting Solomon Grundy to return, but the Stranger assures him that Cyrus made his choice, and that he is gone, and that the cycle has ended. Alan visits Molly in her hospital room, and he remarks that it's midnight, which means it's now Monday, the day that Solomon Grundy was born.

Elsewhere, a Black Lantern Ring speeds through the night sky, and finally crashes into Slaughter Swamp. Solomon Grundy rises from the swamp, bearing the ring and garb of the Black Lanterns.

The story is continued in Superman/Batman #66...

Appearing in "Buried On a Sunday!"

Featured Characters:

  • Cyrus Gold (Flashback and main story) (Dies) (Resurrected)

Supporting Characters:


  • Etrigan (Flashback and main story)
  • Cain (Behind the scenes)

Other Characters:





  • Publication date: September 2, 2009

Continuity Notes

  • Though it isn't revealed here the true villain behind the whole "agreement with Cyrus Gold" plot is Cain.
  • Killer Croc appears in the flashback when all Grundy's opponents from the past week are shown. Though he wasn't actually part of the story, this is most likely a reference to Croc's battle with Grundy in Faces of Evil: Solomon Grundy #1.

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