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Quote1.png The Bible and the laws of the land -- between them, they leave no problem unsolved. Quote2.png
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Solomon Wayne was the Great-great-great-great grandfather of Batman who lived in Gotham City as a Judge during the 19th Century. He is most well known for having commissioned Gotham's most distinctive buildings using the architect Cyrus Pinkney.


Having graduated from Harvard University, Solomon came to Gotham City from Boston with a bible and a law degree. He gained a federal judgeship through the influence of his classmate's father Senator Nugent Bolle. In this position he developed a reputation for being particularly strict on crime. Becoming an entrepreneur, he started several new businesses and quickly turned into Gotham's most prosperous citizen. From this status he started a campaign to reform the city.[1]

Underground Railroad

Prior to the American Civil War, Solomon and his brother Joshua Thomas Wayne were active abolitionists. They ran a section of the Underground Railroad using caverns underneath Wayne Manor. During this time they helped many slaves escape to freedom, although it cost Joshua his life. One November night he was killed by bounty-hunters chasing through the woods, although he managed to crawl home into the wine cellar and die without tarnishing the family name as a criminal.[2]

Building Gotham

Eventually he met the young architect Cyrus Pinkney and immediately saw him as a visionary genius upon viewing his portfolio. Wayne sold many of his assets to fund the creation of these new structures, and they were vastly successful despite universal vilification in the architectural world.[1] This occurred in 1840.[3] Later in life his second wife Dorothea Wayne bore him a child named Alan Wayne.[4]


Solomon Wayne lived to see all of his dreams realized and eventually died at the age of 104. Despite his successful accomplishments, he ultimately viewed his life as a failure for the cesspool of crime that Gotham had turned into. His last words were a chilling reflection on this.[1]

Quote1.png I wished to lock evil out of men's neighborhoods and hearts. I fear that instead I have given it the means to be locked in. Quote2.png
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  • In his first appearance, Judge Wayne is mentioned as both Solomon E. Wayne and Solomon Zebediah Wayne.[1] It is confirmed in later issues that his actual middle name was Zebediah.[2]