Solon Darga aka Phantom Lad, like Phantom Girl, is from the planet Bgztl.

Solon, like all Bgztlians, possesses the ability to phase through solid matter. Solon came to Earth to audition for membership into the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Solon, however, failed the audition and was rejected from membership. He then joined with other rejected Legion applicants to form their own team known as the Legion of Super-Rejects. The team formed to take revenge on Legionnaires whose powers matched their own and prevented them from joining the team.

The Super-Rejects were defeated by their counterparts when the Legionnaires used teamwork, a concept which the Super-Rejects failed to consider.


  • Phasing: Solon Darga possesses the ability to pass through solid matter by passing his atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which she was moving. This is a power common to all natives of Bgtzl. In this way he and the object through which he was passing, Solon could temporarily merge without interacting, and each was unharmed when Solon had finished passing through the object. When Solon was phasing, he was, for all intents ad purposes, intangible. Hence, when attacked, he could shift into a phasing state even if he was not at the time passing through an object so as to allow oncoming projectiles or energy blasts to pass through her harmlessly. It also enables him to access the Phantom Zone.



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