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The new Sonar comes travels to Keystone City to test his new powers on the resident hero the Flash. After confrontation did not last long, but he did destroy an enitre city block. Not happy with such a small city to conquer he decides to travel elsewhere. After arriving in New York he is confronted by the Green Lantern; Kyle Rayner, but he is able to use the sounds of Manhattan against the hero. The Flash tracked the criminal to New York City and the two heroes team up against him. The Flash accelerates himself faster than sound and easily defeats Sonar, he is then taken to Slabside Penitentiary. [1]

Sonar later escapes his confinment and takes the guards hostage until the rest of the prisoners are freed. Kyle learns of the prison riot and travels to the prison to investigate. Sonar gathers a group of enhanced criminals to help in in his endeavor to conquer New York which included Spellbinder, Houngan, Shrapnel, the Alter, Hellgrammite, Killrock, and Dervish. One of the prisoners Sledge was not impressed with Sonar and did not wish to join the other convicts. Sledge worked with Kyle Rayner to apprehend the criminal, but all Sledge wished to do was kill Sonar as he smashes him through the floor sending him flying into the ocean bellow. Kyle searched for Sonar but was unable able to find him believing him dead even though no remains could be found. [2]


However Sonar did survive and is encountered once again. Due to the "Godwave" Kyle's power ring would not work but even without the his ring, Kyle is able to defeat him. Sonar is encountered once again later, but is quickly dispatched by Jade with a swift quick to the groin. [3]



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