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The third Sonar was an enemy of Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner).

This Sonar was apparently the son of the original: Bito Wladon.[1] According to himself, he endured painful and agonizing experiments in order to gain his powers,[1] which seem to derive from an incorporation of his father's technology into his own body. He travelled to Keystone City in an attempt to conquer it and test his newly acquired abilities, which brought to a confrontation with the local hero, the Flash. Although the fight caused several damages to city hall and the surrounding area, it did not last long because, unhappy with such a small city to conquer, Sonar decided to turn his attention to New York City. There, he was confronted by the fifth Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, soon joined in the fight by the Flash, who had, in the meanwhile, tracked down his earlier opponent. The Scarlet Speedster accelerated himself faster than sound and defeated Sonar, who was taken to the Slabside Penitentiary.[2] [1]

Sonar was eventually able to escape his confinement and use his powers to upgrade himself (revealing his subcutaneous cybernetic implants). He took the prison guards hostage, demanding that he and his fellow inmates (including Spellbinder, Houngan, Shrapnel, the Alter, Hellgrammite, Killrok, and Dervish) be set free to conquer New York. Kyle Rayner investigated the riot and again battled Sonar, who managed to pull the young Green Lantern into a corner just before being violently smashed through the prison floor, and down into the ocean, by a temporary ally of Rayner: the supervillain Sledge.[3]

Sonar's former appearance, which exposed his cybernetic implants.

Sonar seemingly survived and once more engaged in a fight with Kyle Rayner, who this time defeated him despite his power ring not functioning well.[4] [5] Later, he was hired by the U.S. Military, along with fellow villains Heat Wave and Hatchet, to retrieve the cryogenically frozen body of Doctor Polaris, whose powers the Army hoped to use as a "doomsday weapon". While aboard a cruise ship, the trio accidentally stumbled upon Wally West, Kyle Rayner, and Connor Hawke, who were barely able to contain the casualties when Polaris awoke and disintegrated the entire vessel. Sonar and his accomplices were eventually tried and imprisoned for their crimes.[6] [7] [8]

Sonar was seen among the Jokerized inmates at the Slabside Penitentiary during the Joker's Last Laugh riots.[9] He was subsequently defeated again, on two separate occasions, by both Jade and his persistent nemesis: Kyle Rayner.[10] [11] Afterwards, he joined the Injustice League Unlimited.[12]

Sonar, back in his very first outfit and no longer exposing his cyber implants, was among the criminals sent to the Hell Planet as part of Operation: Salvation Run.[13] Back on earth, he was among the supervillains tasked with retrieving the Get Out of Hell Free Card from the Secret Six.[14]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Sonar apparently subjected himself to experiments which incorporated his father's technology into his own body. At some point, he turned his powers on himself in order, according to him, to "unleash his full potential".[3]
    • Sound Manipulation: He could absorb sound from nearby sources (he described himself as a "sonic battery"[1]), amplify it, and use it to fire sonic blasts, which had enough force to destroy Green Lantern's constructs.[2] He could also use these blasts to move debris and other inanimate objects.[2] He was shown to stun his enemies either by affecting their balance[1] or by using powerful vibrations.[7]
    • Force Field: He could project force fields made out of pure sound, which could deflect bullets fired at him.[1]
    • Flight: He was able to hover in the air by creating appropriate sound constructs.[8]


  • Sound Reliability: Sonar couldn't use his powers without sound sources in his vicinity.[1]


  • Sonigun: He was shown, at some point, to employ a variation of his father's diapason-shaped, sound-based device. The latter is capable of striking opponents with concussive waves of ultrasonic vibration.[14]



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