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Sonia Alcana was one of three women posing as Batwoman.

Rupert Thorne burned down the Alcana family's shop. Desperate to get back, Sonia joined the police and planned a way to get back at the mobster.

She united wealthy socialite Kathy Duquesne, who she had met at an art class, and Rocky Ballantine, a brilliant scientist, who was her old dorm mate. Both young women also carried grudges - against Carlton Duquesne and Penguin respectively - and they decided to team up when they learned that the three mobs had united in an arms deal with Kaznia. They came up with the persona "Batwoman".

After finally taking down the crooks responsible, Sonia was unmasked, and forced to resign from the police force.




  • As Batwoman, she used a special glider designed by Rocky Ballantine.


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