Appeared along with Big Barda and Manhunter who are all recruited by Oracle to break into a Mexican prison. With the help of the JSA she later stops Yakuza assassins led by Tiger. Soon after, she is invited to become a member of the Justice Society.

Justice Society of America

Yoshio Sato was the last and the best of the traditional assassins the Yakuza once employed. But when he found out that he had a daughter, he tried to leave the group. The Blood Soldiers killed him for it. So, Sonia left Japan because she was in danger and had to hide but the Blood Soldiers chased her to New York. A month ago, Judomaster went to Oracle for help but she had to leave too soon. In New York, Justice Society was already there to solve the problem, and Superman helped Judomaster knock down the Blood Soldiers. But, she couldn't speak English, she did not know how. Since Hawkman knew how to speak Japanese, he tried to communicate with her but she still didn't say anything.

The authorities wanted to arrest her, but Damage convinced the police that the Justice Society would deal with her.[1] Later, Wildcat decided to get a feel for Sonia's skill by fighting against her, and she beat him in the quadrilateral. A few days later, the Justice Society had to fight with Magog. Sonia tried to hit him but she failed, and she was knocked over.[2] After a while a god named Gog came to do good and fulfilled desires to people, and Damage asked him to fix his face. Gog did, but only made Grant more believable and his attitude began to annoy Sonia.

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  • Aversion Field: Sonia's metahuman talent allows her to project an "aversion field" which prevents her from being hit by attacks specifically aimed at her, though not ones with wide-effects like explosions.




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