Sonia Zucco is the daughter of mobster Tony "Fats" Zucco. Her mother raised her far away from her dangerous father, and she grew up to become a productive member of society. Running her own bank as an adult, she feels ashamed of her father's life of crime and tries to put his legacy behind her.

The Black Mirror


Zucco is targeted by super-villains when they assume she'll help launder money and she refuses. Her personal assistant is found dead and stuffed inside a killer shark in her bank's lobby, attracting the interests of Batman and Commissioner Gordon. When Batman visits her for information, she swears she can't help him or more people will die. He tracks her phone records to a weapons dealer named Roadrunner.[1] Batman takes down Roadrunner after the villain tries to kill him in a car-crusher. It's revealed that he was not responsible for the killer whale, and the real culprit is a smuggler named Tiger Shark.[2] Having been delayed, Batman barely has time to go after Tiger Shark before he escapes. Returning to Zucco, he realizes that she manipulated him into taking out her other enemies first. Batman blames her for the killer having gotten away, but Sonia blames him for not catching them well enough.[3]




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