The Sons of Liberty was a secret American ultra-patriotic paramilitary organization founded by former U.S. Air Force Major Charles Holcroft with the goal of overturning the American government. The organization was the benefactor of its special operative Benjamin Lockwood, who is the vigilante known as Agent Liberty.

Holcroft was apprehended by Superman and sent to testify before a senate committee. In an effort to protect their existence, the Sons arranged the kidnapping of then senator Peter Ross's fiancee, Lana Lang, and threatened to kill her if Ross didn't smuggle a gun into the hearing room and kill Holcroft before he could testify. Ross could not go through with his orders, and instead Lockwood killed Holcroft.[1] This event shaken Lockwood's faith in the Sons of Liberty.

The Sons eventually met its downfall by Agent Liberty himself. The organization attempted to silence Ross, in which Lockwood opposed. Lockwood soon learned from Superman that the Sons had earlier assassinated Ross's predecessor, and he personally terminated the Sons's prominent members, Jay Harriman and Ronald Kramer. He then gathered all information he had on the Sons and forwarded it to Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.[2]


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