The Sons of Liberty are a fascist Neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist terrorist organization.


The Sons of Liberty is an American terrorist group that over the past few years has spread all over the country and acted openly with hatred and intolerance. They often indulge in violent armed attacks[1] and robbery. They proclaim themselves to be "individualists".[2]

One of the faction leaders of the group were the family called "von Gunthers" (descendants of the Valkyrie Gudra), were killed by A.R.G.U.S. while trying to surrender during a standoff. Wonder Woman rescued their young daughter Paula when their base was destroyed.[3]

During a speech by Caden Zapote as a candidate for mayor of Vanity, Oregon, a member of the group tried to kill him as a warning to those whom they consider intruders in society (mestizos, homosexuals, foreigners, superheroes, etc.), but he was knocked out by the new superhero known as the Ray, who was actually Caden's childhood friend.[1]


Equipment: Energy shields

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