The Sons of Liberty were a American patriotic superhero team that was formed during World War II.


Its members were Paul Revere (a man with the ability to inspire patriotism in others), Maiden America (a super-strong woman with a large hammer), the Human Hand-Grenade (also called Dyno-Mite) (who had the power to shrink, explode and reconstitute his body), Johnny Rocketman (a man with the power of supersonic flight), and Fallout (a nuclear-powered superhuman who always wore a shroud). The team later fought during the Korean War, in which Fallout first joined the group, before retired from old age by the modern day. They were duped into fighting the Authority, who had taken over the United States, by Henry Bendix but are presumed dead (with the exception of Johnny Rocketman) when Fallout exploded in Washington. They have not been seen since Washington's destruction.


  • There is some speculation that the Sons of Liberty may be the Earth-50 equivalent of the Freedom Fighters.
  • The Sons of Liberty had associated with other patriotic superheroes, such as Citizen Soldier, American Hammer, and Captain Flag.

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