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The Sons of Trigon are six of the hundreds of children of the demon Trigon.


They were all born around the time Raven was born; the seven of them represented the Seven Sins: Raven (Pride), Jared (Wrath), Jesse (Envy), Jacob (Lust), Jack (Sloth), James (Greed) and Gluttony. After their mothers all died under mysterious circumstances, the children all manifested emotion warping powers and gathered together in a plan to claim their demonic inheritance.

The Sons of Trigon used their sister Raven as a portal to the desolate realm where a weakened Trigon slept. The Titans East went to Raven's rescue, fearing Trigon would be unleashed on Earth. The brothers betrayed their father by siphoning whatever small power was left within him, due to Raven filling them with greed. Instead of being angered by their treachery, Trigon was actually proud of his evil children.

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