The Soothsayers are a criminal gang that operates in Gotham City during No Man's Land.

Their signature are old gas masks. Worn by all of their members, they are used to inhale a smoke drug that causes hallucinations.



  • Gas Masks

Transportation: None known.

  • Cattle Prods


  • The Soothsayers are a subtle visual reference to the Ratcatcher, a character created by Alan Grant, John Wagner, and Norm Breyfogle, first appearing in Detective Comics #585. The gas masks and outfits worn by the Soothsayers are all based on different costumes used by the Ratcatcher in the comics, such as the modern dungarees design from the New 52, while gang leader Sykes himself wears a outfit that includes various belts strapped around his body and a gas cylinder attached to his back, clearly alluding to the classic costume and the vermit control gear cylinder of the original Ratcatcher design. In the episodes "Trespassers" and "The Trial of Jim Gordon", some members of the gang can be seen holding long cattle prods, which is reminiscent of the walking staff that Otis Flannegan often used during the Modern Age era. Ultimately, the Ratcatcher's headquarters in Gotham's sewers system is also evoked, as the Soothsayers inhabit a dark mine entrance that leads to an underground tunnel system under Gotham City and the river.


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