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Sophie Dumond is a single mother who lived in the same apartment complex as Arthur Fleck.

After meeting in the apartment's elevator, Arthur becomes attracted to her. Arthur decides to follow her on one of the following days to her job at the bank. He is then confronted by her afterwards at his apartment about it, stating that she had noticed. He does not deny it and invites her to his stand-up comedy night.

After tucking her daughter in one night, Sophie finds Arthur sitting on her couch, showing that he had broken in. Startled, she asks him questions fearing for her safety; questions that insinuated that she did not know Arthur outside of fact that they live in the same apartment building.

Arthur then begins to have flashbacks of his memories with Sophie. The memories quickly turn to show that they were all fabricated by Arthur. She begs him to leave her apartment and he eventually complies.[1]