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Colonel Sophie Moore was the girlfriend of Kate Kane, who hid her sexuality to avoid expulsion from West Point.

Sophie Moore was a former roommate and girlfriend of Kate Kane at West Point, where she held the rank of Brigade S-3 (Operations).[1] After Kate resigned from the Academy, Sophie remained, hiding her sexual orientation and eventually becoming a colonel and landing a teaching position at Gotham Military Academy.

Shortly before she was to begin teaching, Sophie ran into Kate by chance at a charity carnival. After some initial awkwardness at the unexpected reunion, the two briefly chatted before Kate had to take a call from her fiancée Maggie Sawyer. After finding out Kate was engaged, Sophie later attempted to schedule a friendly lunch with her, to no avail.


  • Acrobatics: A required course at West Point is Military Movement, which teaches principles broadly similar to Parkour.
  • Firearms: A required cadet skill.
  • Martial Arts:
    • Modern Army Combatives: A requirement for West Point cadets, MAC is a hybrid of various forms, such as:
    • Boxing: Along with Kate, Sophie took boxing at West Point, though this was not a requirement for female cadets during their time at the Academy; there is strong evidence that the two were members of the West Point women's boxing club and boxed competitively. On one occasion Sophie defeated Kate in a private, unauthorized bare-knuckled sparring match, and she is heavily implied to have lost to Kate in an earlier bout for an Academy championship.[2]
  • Military Protocol
  • Pedagogy: She is an instructor at Gotham Military Academy.[3]
  • Swimming: Survival Swimming is a required course at West Point.

  • A character matching Sophie's appearance and historic relevance appeared in Batwoman (Volume 2) #32, but was referred to as "Josie". This was later corrected.
  • Her nickname at West Point (possibly from her participation in boxing) was "Gimme", a pun on her last name.[1]
  • Sophie holding the rank of colonel is an error, since by law the rank can only be earned after 22 years of military service, and that amount of time has not passed in-universe since Sophie's graduation.
  • Like Kate, she also completed Air Assault School and the U.S. Army Airborne School.[4]