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Quote1 There was no risk. I'm a doctor. A very good doctor. The best on Korugar. Quote2
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Soranik Natu is a native of Korugar and the Green Lantern of Sector 1417.


A neurosurgeon by trade, Soranik Natu, like the rest of her race, saw the Green Lanterns and everything associated with them as a symbol of oppression, because the first Korugaran to have been a Green Lantern was the renegade Sinestro. Sinestro, unbeknownst to his superiors, the Guardians of the Universe, who recruit and administrate the Green Lantern Corps, used his power ring to enslave his people and rule over them as a dictator. As a result, he was known among Korugarans as "The Wicked". Although Sinestro's crimes were eventually exposed to the Guardians by Earth's Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and he was imprisoned as a result, the Green Lantern power ring and logo became to the Korugarans what the Nazi swastika was to the people of Earth. When another Korugaran, Katma Tui, subsequently became a Green Lantern, this did nothing to restore the Green Lanterns' image. Rather, Tui was seen as a monster by her own people for allying herself with them, even after she eventually gave her life in the line of duty, and is known among the Korugarans as "The Lost".

Green Lantern Corps

The Corps suffered devastation when the demonic parasitic entity known as Parallax took control of Hal Jordan, turning him into a psychotic mass-murderer, and killing almost all the other members of the Corps, and all of the Guardians save their leader, Ganthet. The ranks of the Guardians were eventually restored by Jordan's replacement, Kyle Rayner. After the Parallax entity was removed from Jordan, and Jordan was restored as a Green Lantern, the Guardians set about to repopulate the ranks of the Corps, searching for 7,200 new Green Lanterns. When Tarkus Whin, the Green Lantern of space Sector 1417 (of which Korugar was also a part) was killed on his first day as a Lantern after Star 196 collapsed into a black hole, his ring sought out a replacement, and found Dr. Natu in the middle of delicate neurosurgery on her home planet, Korugar.

Natu was horrified at the appearance of the ring, and rejected it, but when her patient's condition immediately began to worsen before her, Natu, desperate to save him, took the ring, and used it to conjure an elaborate medical apparatus that saved him, though her comrades in the operating room felt that by accepting the ring, she had damned herself. Although she allowed the ring to take her to the planet Oa, which served as the headquarters of the Guardians, she soon left, refusing to be inducted. However, on her way back to Korugar, she was haunted by thoughts of Tarkus Whin, because the rites of death are sacred on Korugar. Her ring took her to the black hole that had been a star named 1417.196, which sucked her in as it had Whin. She found herself at an unknown location devoid of light, and found Whin's corpse. Sensing that his killers were coming for him, and realizing that Tarkus' ring obviously was not able to protect him, Natu demonstrated an impressive presence of mind and an ingenious level of creative thinking by swallowing her ring, ordering it to slow her vital processes and store her life force within itself, so that she would appear to be another lump of organic waste to the spider-like creatures that took her. Her brain functions minimal, she remembered ordering the ring to send rescue signals when it was safe and to respond to nearby power rings. When Kyle Rayner and his fellow Earth Green Lantern Guy Gardner found Natu, she came back to life. Rayner and Gardner convinced her to honor Whin's memory by accepting the role of a Green Lantern.

Natu, Rayner, and Gardner rendezvoused with Corps trainer Kilowog and new recruits Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol, who discovered that the recent rash of stars collapsing into black holes was caused by the subspace web created by the inhabitants of the Vega star system known as the Spider Guild.

Natu again demonstrated her emotional control when, during a battle against a horde of mechanical spiders and a group of bounty hunters, her ring faltered, because of the Parallax Fear Anomaly, which made GL power rings ineffective against anything yellow during times of fear or panic, until and unless the Lantern could muster their courage. With her fellow GL's power rings depleted in power, it fell to Natu to save them, which she did, by encasing them all in an energy sphere and retreating from the Spider Guild's Nest. Realizing that Oa's sun was the Guild's next target, the five Lanterns, along with Lanterns Green Man and Stel, raced back to Oa where the Spider Guild had already begun an attack on the planet, which Natu and her fellow GL's successfully repelled.

Natu participated in the defense of Oa from the onslaught of Superboy-Prime. She helped form the wall of emerald energy that slowed the rampaging Teen of Steel and arrived on Mogo in time to destroy the kryptonite threatening the life of Superman.[1]

Natu's role as a Green Lantern, however, conflicted with her role as a doctor. When her hospital fired her and suspended her license, and her neighbors evicted her from her apartment, Natu angrily burned her personal effects, declaring that "Soranik Natu is dead". She went to Mogo, where the planet-form Green Lantern showed her images of the patients she had failed to save, who thanked her for not giving up on them and for giving them hope. Following this, Natu went to work helping the disenfranchised of Korugar, leading to a few hostile encounters with the military police.

Sinestro Corps War

By the time of the Sinestro Corps War, she was nearly in a face-off with the police when Sinestro himself appeared. Sinestro and Natu fought, a battle which Sinestro easily dominated. Sinestro, however, allowed it to appear that she defeated him, so that she would remain on Korugar to guide the Korugarans to hail her as a hero.

Filled with anger, Natu went to Earth, where the Sinestro Corps was launching an invasion, gunning for Sinestro himself. Natu was particularly horrified to see the Green Lanterns using lethal force against the Sinestros. Regrouping in New York, she joined Sodam Yat and others in charging Sinestro and the Anti-Monitor against Kilowog and Salakk's orders. She later tended to Yat after his battle with Superman-Prime, and saved Guy Gardner's life when he was infected with Despotellis by injecting him with Leezle Pon. In the immediate aftermath of the war, Soranik would often assist wounded Green Lanterns by constructing replacement limbs created by manifestations of their willpower (via their rings and Power Batteries).

Shortly afterwards, Natu joined a group of Lanterns searching for the assassins of rookie Green Lanterns' families. During the mission, she worked closely with Kyle Rayner, becoming much closer to him. Following the capture of the Quintet, Kyle and Soranik were pulled into KT21 and the Pree couple's mission to locate Kryb. During the search, Soranik, Kyle, KT21 and Matoo Pree were taken under Kryb's control, causing them to attack Amnee Pree and force her to go into labor. Kyle was able to break free of Kryb's control and free the others, leaving Matoo and Soranik to help Amnee give birth. The Lanterns were assisted by Miri Riam, the newest member of the Star Sapphire Corps, and the baby was delivered, though KT21 was killed when she tried to kill Kryb. Though Soranik did feel that Miri's claim to rehabilitate Kryb was flawed, she made a rather profound revelation in the process, as when the Star Sapphires showed her true love, it turned out to be Kyle Rayner. Upon returning to Oa, Kyle and Soranik confessed their feelings for one another and engaged in a relationship, despite the fact that the Third New Law prevents Green Lanterns from doing so with one another.

Prelude to Blackest Night

Soranik returned to Korugar to explain to the people of her planet that Sinestro had escaped the custody of the Green Lanterns. She reassured her people that they could move on from Sinestro's legacy. While she was discussing Korugar's situation with her partner, Iolande, Sinestro appeared before the duo, knocking out Iolande, and revealed to Soranik that she is his daughter. She was immediately doubtful of the fallen Green Lantern's claims. Sinestro explained that he took control of Korugar because he did not believe that it was fit to raise her. Soranik's mother received threats for Sinestro's actions and after failing to convince him to stop his takeover, she left him and took Soranik with her. She gave up Soranik to Karoll and Dgibb Natu, the former of whom is the obstetrician who delivered Soranik.

Sinestro was unable to locate Soranik for years, but thought it was for the best. However, he eventually found her, and marked her with their family coat of arms which contained a micro transmitter so that he would always be able to find her. He had been watching her from the background, even attending her graduation from medical school while in disguise, taking a photo of Soranik and her adopted parents for them. Soranik started to accept the truth, but she still wanted nothing to do with her biological father. Despite this, Sinestro told her to call him if she needed his help, and to beware of the Red Lantern Corps leader Atrocitus. After her reunion with her father, Soranik attempted to destroy the transmitter; however, she failed to do so.

Blackest Night

 Main article: Blackest Night

While traveling back to Oa, Soranik and Iolande ran into Kyle and Guy who were also on their way to Oa. When Iolande was about to reveal what happened on Korugar, Soranik interrupted her, saying that she was busy operating on people. The group was then swarmed by a group of Black Power Rings on route to Oa. The four tried to stop it by creating a wall, but the rings broke through it. The group split up with Soranik and Iolande going to the medical bay. They fought off Black Lanterns trying to kill injured Lanterns. After a brief battle, the duo decided to send the injured Lanterns to Mogo were they would be safe until the attack had ended. She saw Kyle being attacked by his former girlfriend Jade, who was also resurrected as Black Lantern, and immediately went to help him.

She rescued Kyle and the two battled with Jade. During the battle, Jade tried to break Soranik by revealing that Kyle saw Jade's face, not Soranik's, in the Star Sapphire gem, and that all of Kyle's former lovers had been killed, even going as far as to create a construct of Soranik in a casket. However, this only caused Soranik to fight harder. The battle was cut short when all the Black Lanterns were ordered to destroy the Central Power Battery. While battling alongside her fellow Lanterns, Soranik received a transmission from Kyle telling her that he loved her. Shortly afterwards, Kyle sacrificed his life to destroy a great number of Black Lanterns.

As Soranik attempted to resuscitate Kyle, Guy was consumed with rage over Kyle's death. Vice's Red Lantern ring manifested itself and Guy took it, transforming into a Red Lantern. As he battled the Black Lanterns, Soranik tried to fight off a black ring that attached itself to Kyle and attempted to resurrect him, but Munk of the Indigo Tribe destroyed it before it could. He and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps defended her and Kyle's body from the swarm of Black Rings around them. Miri Riam of the Star Sapphires arrived, having sensed the true love between Kyle and Soranik in jeopardy. Riam used her ring's power to connect Soranik's heart to Kyle's, and combined their power of will together with her power of love, successfully restoring Kyle to life. Sensing this, his ring returned to him.

Soranik was one of the Green Lanterns trying to stop Red ring-infected Guy Gardner from his rampage. Kyle asked her to help Guy, but she was unable to do anything for him; however, Mogo itself cured Guy from the red ring's influence. Soranik joined the rest of the Green Lantern Corps as they allied with the other six corps to defeat the leader of the Black Lantern Corps Nekron. After Nekron's defeat at the hands of seven corps, the heroes of Earth, and the Entity of Life, she witnessed the resurrections of many fallen heroes and villains. To her surprise, the resurrected Jade kissed Kyle in front of her.

Brightest Day

 Main article: Brightest Day

In a attempt to keep Jade away from Kyle, Soranik ran tests on her under the guise of testing for any ill side-effects. During the test Jade became frustrated and asked her if she thought the tests were keeping her from Kyle. Soranik confessed that Jade had been in perfect condition the entire time, than asked Jade why she was not trying to spend time with Kyle. Jade told her that Kyle no longer looked at her the same way and that she could see that he was in love with Soranik now and she did not plan on getting in Soranik's way.

Soranik, along with the other Green Lanterns, helped to rebuild Oa, then attended a Memorial for the fallen Green Lanterns on Mogo. After the memorial, she and Kyle discussed his mural's destruction. While Kyle decided to put the mural on hold until Oa was rebuilt, Soranik convinced him not to wait, reasoning that all the Lanterns could use a morale boost. The two shared a tender moment. In Green Lantern Corps #48, Kyle told his fellow human Green Lantern John Stewart that he was staying with Soranik until he could find a new place of his own, indicating that her relationship with Kyle had not only been progressing, but also becoming public (most likely due to the Third Law being repealed).

Later on, a Qwardian known only as The Weaponer kidnapped Natu as a ploy to lure Sinestro to Qward in order to get revenge on him.




Quote1 In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light! Quote2



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