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Nemesis was a superheroine who could copy other people's fighting styles. The daughter of Dr. Anatol Mykros, leader of the Council, she worked her life to bring down his organization. She became a reserve member of the JSA.

Soseh and her sister were artificially aged to adulthood by their father and subjected to numerous tests. Eventually, Soseh rejected her father and ended up battling her sister, who was sympathetic to their father. Soseh defeated her sister, but refused to kill her. Instead, she escaped the Council's island compound, diving into the Aegean Sea. She soon washed up on the shores of Themyscira. She was found by Hippolyta and members of the Justice Society of America. When Soseh told them of her origins and the renewed threat of the Council, they accompanied her back to the island compound where the Counsel has been making its new army of clones based on the DNA of Sportsmaster. Soseh, Hippolyta, Star-Spangled Kid, Black Canary, and Hawkgirl, infiltrated the cloning facility. There Soseh again confronted her sister and this time, sadly, was forced to killed her. The heroes destroyed the facility and the clones.[1] After, Soseh became a a reserve member of the Justice Society. She continued her war with the Council and was later joined by Wildcat and Black Canary in an attack on a Council stronghold in Austria. She and the Justice Society then found one of the Ultra-Humanite's surrogate bodies, but the evil mastermind had already removed his brain, leaving the discarded remains behind.[2]

Nemesis later joined several other JSA reservists in aiding the team against the triple threat of Obsidian, Eclipso, and Mordru.[3] However, she still had problems dealing with her anger. She raided another Council base, this time on her own. When she got there she found that Black Adam had already slaughtered everyone there, including her father. He asked her to join the group of fighters he was organizing to take back his home of Kahndaq and she agreed. After helping take over Kahndaq, she entered into a physical relationship with Alex Montez, another member of Black Adam's team, who was using a black diamond and mystic tatoos to control the demon know as Eclipso.[4]

The rest of the JSA were alerted to Black Adam's coup and went into Kahndaq to confront him. The situation turned into a violent riot as the people of Kahndaq rose up against the JSA. Nemesis entered into the fight and slashed Hourman (Rick Tyler) across the stomach. Rick Tyler saved himself by switching places with his father, the Rex Tyler Hourman, who was located within a pocket of time. Nemesis went to attack Tyler but Alex Montez blasted her through the chest with a bolt of magic from the black diamond. It turned out that blood from Alex's wounds had weakened the power of the mystic tatoos. Eclipso then began to take control of Alex and used him to deliver the fatal blast to Nemesis. Distraught, Alex threw himself off the roof where the fight was taking place and landed next to Nemesis. The JSA recovered both bodies.[5]


  • Eidetic Kinesthesia: Due to her father's experiments, Soseh could perfectly duplicate any fighting technique she encountered.[1]
  • Regeneration: Soseh will automatically heal from nearly any physical wound. The only way to kill her is either through severe head trauma or stopping her heart.[1]


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Nemesis was an expert hand-to-hand combatant owing largely to her ability to duplicate any physical discipline.[1]
  • Swordsmanship: Nemesis was a deadly opponent with a sword and could wield two weapons simultaneously with equal efficiency and effectiveness.[1]


Two swords

  • Nemesis was one of many of the international heroes introduced during DC's "Planet DC" theme annuals of 2000.



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