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The Source is an alien being consisted of a substance called "newfu", which is similar to tofu.

He appeared on Earth operating behind a fast-food restaurant called Mega Meaty Meat, using remote-controlled UFO saucers to steal cows and use them as a power source for his planet-destroying device. Beast Boy discovered this when he was working as the only counter help at Mega Meaty Meat in order to win a powerful moped, finding out that his manager Bob was actually a created being made of "newfu", which was what all food products served at the restaurant were made of. Beast Boy kidnapped the Source and threatened him by putting him on a dinner plate and pouring barbecue sauce on him into telling the Teen Titan how to defeat the Bobs and shut down the UFOs and the Earth-destroying device. Later on, when that plan was accomplished, Cyborg was found devouring The Source. [1]

However, the Source reappeared alive, having teamed up with the Titans' other major villains for a full-scale war against the heroes. [2]


  • Bio-Fission
    • Transformation: When connected to his machines, the Source can generate human figures that are made of the same substance as he is.




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