Southern Cross Salvage Corporation (SCSC) is a business specializing in a variety of technological advancements.


They were a small operation until the Invasion! after which the Australian government provided them backing (Australia suffered heavy losses during the war). The SCSC hired several "acquirers" to find and return with salvaged alien machinery for reverse engineering. One of these acquirers was Jeremy Heep who succeeded in finding an alien battleship. After he went rogue, they hired Mark Shaw to help them recover the alien technology. In exchange, Mark requested help with his equipment.[1] Mark and the SCSC maintained contact and assisted each other. Ultimately Mark was offered, an accepted, a partnership in SCSC. Key members of the SCSC include:

  • Gary DeVries: Partner in the SCSC who oversees the acquisition side of the business.
  • David Challoner: Partner in the SCSC who oversees the analysis side of the business.
  • Jeremy Heep: Jeremey Heep was an Australian "acquirer" who was hired by SCSC to search Australia looking for alien wreckage and return it to SCSC's warehouse. However, upon finding such a battleship, he quit his job and took possession of it himself prefering to auction it on-line to the highest bidder. Unbeknownst to Jeremy the bidding was rigged by Interface at the bequest of Manhunter (Mark Shaw) who had himself been hired by Jeremy's former employers. Believing the SCSC would pay him the $1.8 billion, he led them to the site and activated the ship which transformed into a giant humanoid robot. Once activated, however, the robot required a "bioform" to function adequately and abducted Jeremy for that purpose. Jeremy did not survive the process.[2]
  • Hughie Copeley: Hughie is the SCSC legal attorney.



  • Power Armor: SCSC developed a suit of armor worn briefly by Mark Shaw. It was able to fly at 200 mph and had computer programmable steering. It was destroyed before any other features could be displayed.[3]
  • Manhunter Mini-Mask: The SCSC developed a scaled-down version of the Manhunter Mask that was easily portable.[4]
  • Manhunter Substitute Baton: SCSC built a new baton for Manhunter but included a fingerprint recognition back-up to prevent unauthorized use. Dumas used the baton before Manhunter could and the baton exploded before any other features could be displayed.[5]

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