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 Space Dolphins are a mysterious species of celestial cetaceans who inhabit the vacuum of space.


Little is known about how they survive or propel themselves through the harshest environment in the universe, but they are highly intelligent, sentient animals who communicate through telepathic clicks.[1]

Space dolphins, or "fishies," are the one and only thing to provoke true feelings of love in the psychopathic bounty hunter Lobo.[2] The sadistic Czarnian is usually indifferent to all walks of life yet finds peace in their presence. Spending time with them even cures his worst hangovers. He had a special bond with Lundgren whom Lobo was permitted to ride. Lundgren and his kind even shared Lobo's dark humour for destruction, laughing when a stray frag grenade killed a group of tourists.[1]

Some pods have a symbiotic relationship with the last of the behemoths (space whales), acting as pilot-dolphins that scout out food to sustain the monstrous creatures. One such pod alerted their behemoth to a yacht race. All the vessels were devoured in one bite.[3] This apathy or disregard for other lifeforms may be an inherent trait amongst their species, and an explanation why Lobo and the dolphins are so fond of one another.

Some space dolphins have occasionally migrated to Earth and have seeded themselves within the aquatic dolphin community. One of Lobo's space dolphins even befriended the friendly bottlenose, Porm, surrogate mother to the Atlantean hero, Aquaman.[4]

Another space dolphin from Sector 3500 named Fishy served as Lobo's assistant during a time when he had declared himself the Archbishop of the First Celestial Church of the Triple Fish-God.[5]

Powers and Abilities


  • Space Dolphin Physiology
    • Self-Sustenance: Space dolphins live in the vacuum of space but are said to "drown" in oxygen environments. They still have to feed, which is a diet of space fish.[1]
    • Telepathy: Space dolphins communicate with each other via telepathic clicks.[1]



Habitat: Space

Atmosphere: Vacuum




  • The actor Dolph Lungren has a large following among cetaceans.[1]
  • Celia of the Seals told Lobo that Space Dolphins are really, "star-beings from the twelfth harmonic overtone of the Fourth Dimension," and that they're "here to protect all creation against the satanic spirit-forces allied with the evil reptilians." It is unknown if she was accurate or not.[1]

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