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Jim Corrigan src

This incarnation of James "Jim" Corrigan hails from an unknown reality of the Multiverse where he became another host of the Spectre.

In his universe, Jim Corrigan was a police officer that, in death, somehow became the host of the Multiversal entity known as the "Spectre".

During the Crisis, the Spectre traveled to the Purgatory in order to meet the soul of Oliver Queen that was being brought back to the mortal plane by John Constantine, John Diggle and his daughter, Mia.[1]

Corrigan introduced himself to the Earth-1 residents, telling them that he needed Oliver to be the next host of the Spectre as it was the Multiverse's last hope of defeating the Anti-Monitor. After he managed to convince Oliver to accept his fate,[2] the Spectre trained Queen for one month, allowing him to be ready to become himself the Spectre and sending him to Vanishing Point in order to help the last survivors of the Multiverse.[3]



  • John Constantine confirmed that this version of Jim Corrigan is different from the Jim Corrigan he knew on Earth-1.[2]
    • Like this Corrigan, Earth-1 Corrigan was also prophetized to become, in death, an host of the Spectre.[4]