"Ghost, Dead Man, Devil-Child...": In Hell, a large group of Demons create a womb-like structure with the bones of the most evil souls mankind has ever known. The bone-womb is arranged to allow the ultimate spawn of evil to be born and unleashed upon Earth. Satan overlooks the birth

Quote1.png Nice work, Spec-baby-- And I think I like you better now that your power's been brought down a notch or three. Forces you to be more creative... Quote2.png

Spectre Annual (Volume 2) #1 is an issue of the series Spectre Annual (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 1988. It was published on March 29, 1988.

Synopsis for "Ghost, Dead Man, Devil-Child..."

In Hell, a large group of Demons create a womb-like structure with the bones of the most evil souls mankind has ever known. The bone-womb is arranged to allow the ultimate spawn of evil to be born and unleashed upon Earth. Satan overlooks the birth of the Proto-Demon, who takes human form and is sent to Earth to challenge and eliminate the protectors of mankind.

The Proto-Demon starts his quest in New York City, and recruits unwilling followers who seem to enjoy the fictional horror presented in films. The Demon then poses as a friend of Madame Xanadu and asks Deadman to check out dark forces in Greenwich Village. Deadman goes to the place and soon has to confront a real Werewolf. At first, Deadman tries to possess the monster, but when he can't control the beast, he then possesses the people around him, saving them from the monster's attacks. It is then that Spectre shows up and stops the monster, wrapping it within a malleable brick wall. Spectre realizes that the source of evil that created the monster is dangerous and he starts searching for it, while the Proto-Demon has learned the powers and capabilities of Spectre.

Moments later, a customer arrives to Jim Corrigan's office. The man starts to feel weak as Spectre has been outside of corrigan for an entire day, but the possibility of a job gives him new energies. Unfortunately, the customer is another of the Proto-Demon's spawns and it transforms into a werewolf inside Corrigan's office. The monster attacks Corrigan and bites his neck, before taking Corrigan across the streets. Kim Liang can't stop the monster and she follows the trail of blood left by Corrigan until she arrives at a warehouse, but finds no means to get inside. Corrigan is taken to the Proto-Demon, who knows Corrigan is Spectre's human host and decides to let him die to eliminate Spectre without effort.

True enough, Spectre starts to weaken as Corrigan slowly dies, but the Spirit of Vengeance senses a great evil that needs to be stopped and goes inside a derelict building, despite his weakening state. Spectre finds the Proto-Demon, who is the source of great evil, but by that point, Corrigan is close to death and Spectre loses all his powers. The Demon leaves Spectre as he starts to transform into smoke.

In the meantime, Deadman talks to Madame Xanadu and asks her about the person she sent to warn him about dark forces, but she knows nothing about it. Their conversation is interrupted by Kim Liang, who arrives and tells Xanadu about Corrigan and the monster that attacked him. Deadman realizes the danger of the situation and noticing Xanadu's reluctance to assist, he possesses her body and goes along Kim Liang to the warehouse where Corrigan is bleeding to death. Once they arrive, Deadman bursts open the place and using a flame-thrower, he eliminates the threat of the werewolf.

Kim calls an ambulance and while the paramedics take Corrigan to the hospital, she returns with Xanadu to the Parlor, where Deadman's presence is finally revealed to Kim. The three of them realize that the attack on Corrigan is a direct threat to the Spectre and forming a seance, they contact a mysterious woman who informs them about Spectre's current location and the evil plans of the Proto-Demon.

Deadman hurries to Spectre's location and saves him by taking possession of what little remains of his body. Mustering all their strentgh, Deadman calls Xanadu and tells them to find a way to bring Corrigan to the Spectre, so that they can merge and recover their strength. Kim and Xanadu manage to get Corrigan out of the hospital and take him to Spectre's location, where body and soul meet once again and their vitality is restored. A few minutes later, Deadman and Spectre leave Corrigan's body and Xanadu shows them that the Proto-Demon has captured the mysterious woman that helped them locate Spectre.

The two entities travel across the world until they arrive at the monastery where the woman is held prisoner by the Proto-Demon. After saving the woman, Spectre attacks the avatar of the Demon, but the thing steals Spectre's hands and returns to hell. Spectre and Deadman have no choice but to follow the Demon to hell and after overcoming a small obstacle, they locate the bone-womb, in which the Proto-Demon lies. While Deadman distracts the countless Demons at the place, Spectre challenges the Proto-Demon's avatar and takes control of the bone-womb, transforming it into his own fierce avatar and destroys the Demon's avatar along with all the lesser demons. However, as Spectre allows darkness to take over him, Corrigan loses control of his mind and body and starts strangling Kim Liang. Deadman talks to Spectre and forces him to abandon the avatar before darkness consumes him and when Spectre leaves the bones, Corrigan recovers consciousness and stops attacking Kim.

Spectre realizes that the greatest source of evil is close and he decides to leave the place along with Deadman. Indeed, Satan watched everything and is shocked to learn that Spectre, one of Earth's protectors, is easily lured and comfortable in the dark side. The Proto-Demon apologizes for his failure, but Satan is lenient and will only punish and torture him for a small part of the next millenium.

Back on Earth, Deadman leaves Spectre and suggests him to go easy on his mortal companion, but as soon as Spectre returns to the parlor, his ominuous demeanor presents ill forebodings for Jim Corrigan.

Appearing in "Ghost, Dead Man, Devil-Child..."

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Synopsis for "Crusher" Kimmie in Fruitful Multiplication

Kim Liang is a whimsical and oblivious woman who tries to make the best as Jim Corrigan's assistant. While cleaning Jim's office, she finds a bubblegum ball on the floor and takes it to her mouth, but she doesn't chew it and takes it out a few minutes later as she keeps cleaning the place. However, the bubblegum ball was actually the egg of a small demon who is born thanks to the warm touch of Kim's mouth and it jumps into Kim's purse as she is leaving the place.

On her way home, the demon creates all sorts of troubles, but Kim assumes it's all part of a normal day in New York. When she arrives home, Kim has to deal with her strange roomate called Cynthia, who acts and behaves in very strange ways. When Kim grabs an apple from her purse, she realizes it's rotten and several demons come out of it after feasting on the fruit. Kim and Cynthia try to defend themselves from the countless little demons, but their efforts are futile and it is Spectre who arrives and takes the demons away. Frustrated, Kim berates at Spectre for leaving his human host and Cynthia is impressed by Kim's strange friend.

Appearing in "Crusher" Kimmie in Fruitful Multiplication

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