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"Housewarming Party": Spectre tells Jim Corrigan and Kim Liang what he learned after his encounter with the Manhunters about the future of mankind. In the middle of th

Quote1.png By higher authorities, or by our own conscience, we have all been charged with the welfare of souls... with meeting justice and mantaining order in the midst of chaos. We are all guardians of that small strong spark which lights the lives of mortals, and for as man and woman shall remain mortals-- for the next thousand years-- we must continue to perform our duties... Quote2.png
Phantom Stranger

Spectre (Volume 2) #11 is an issue of the series Spectre (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 1988. It was published on November 3, 1987.

Synopsis for "Housewarming Party"

Spectre tells Jim Corrigan and Kim Liang what he learned after his encounter with the Manhunters about the future of mankind. In the middle of the conversation, the Spirit of Vengeance vanishes and Corrigan notices Madame Xanadu leaving her parlor alongside two strangers in a limo. He and Kim decide to follow them to learn more about the mystery that Spectre was talking about.

Meanwhile, the Cult of the Blood Red Moon are making preparations for a dark ritual in a new location they have found specifically for that purpose.

At that moment, Spectre is joined by the new Doctor Fate, whose lack of experience is notable, and a few minutes later, they are both joined by the Phantom Stranger. The Spectre explains to them that he has summoned the mystical beings to discuss their actions and decisions about the possibility of mankind achieving immortality in the next thousand years. Having finished his thought, the Gentleman Ghost joins them as well.

Elsewhere, Jim Corrigan and Kim Liang follow Madame Xanadu's limo all the way to New Jersey, where they learn that the strangers that Xanadu left with were in fact Zatanna, Ben Turner and the Enchantress. All of them are part of Spectre's gathering in the house that belonged to the Cult of the Blood Red Moon. Among the mystican beings there is also the Seven Headed Apparition, which is an entity formed by the souls of the victims of the sacrifices performed by the Cult in that place. When Jim and Kim approach the house to spy on their meeting, the house comes alive and takes both of them inside, where the mystical beings ignore their presence and continue discussing their course of action.

In the meantime, the Cult of the Blood Red Moon start their dark ritual, which seeks to disturb the mystical gathering at their former place. Deschanta is in charge of performing the dark ritual along with a demon that draws power from her body.

The final guest of the mystical gathering arrives as Deadman takes possession of Corrigan's body for a brief moment, but in the meantime, Ben Turner realizes he has lost the ring that keeps Enchantress under control, leaving her vulnerable and exposed. Taking advantage of this, Deschanta takes control of Enchantress and she goes on a magical rampage, taking the old house and levitating it across the city to where a group of gay activists are protesting.

Spectre and Xanadu find the seven corpses hidden in the basement of the old house and break the dark connection created by the Cult by releasing the souls into the afterlife. Without the connection, Enchantress is released and the house starts to fall down to the city below. After finding the magical ring, Ben Turner recovers control of Enchantress and with help from Doctor Fate, they prevent the house from collapsing to the city.

Although they failed to destroy their enemies, the Cult is pleased with the results of their ritual. The mystical beings then return the house the its original place and they all agree to continue protecting mankind from themselves as well as outside threats until they are ready to achieve immortality.

Appearing in "Housewarming Party"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Baron Winters (Cameo)
  • Seven Headed Apparition (Single appearance)



  • This issue is a "Millennium" Week Eight tie-in issue.


  • There is a bag of snacks with the brand "Moenchies". This is a funny nod to writer Doug Moench.

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