"Secret Weapon": At Madame Xanadu's Parlor, James Corrigan has reached a decision, but before he can act upon it, he is talked by Kim Liang into consulting about it with Xanadu.

Quote1 Blood will be spilled, yes-- but it will be yours... and it will feed nothing but the dirt! Quote2

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At Madame Xanadu's Parlor, James Corrigan has reached a decision, but before he can act upon it, he is talked by Kim Liang into consulting about it with Xanadu. After reading the Tarot Cards, Xanadu finds no ill omens about Corrigan's decision and he is allowed to return to his office, where he calls former partner and NYC Police Officer Peter Quarrel and convinces him to meet him to work together.

On the streets of New York City, Corrigan meets with Peter and tells him he knows the location of a victim of a shooting, but he doesn't know the exact adress, so they have to wander across the city until Corrigan recognizes the building of the crime scene. Once they have found the place, Corrigan and Peter find the body of the fat man, member of the Cult of the Blood Red Moon whom Corrigan had shot during his ghostly experience. The man is barely alive and Peter calls an ambulance, after which he proceeds to interrogate Corrigan about his knowledge of the crime. Corrigan admits the truth, but Peter doesn't believe the supernatural tale and threatens to arrest Corrigan if the bullet retrieved from the victim is traced back to him, which is of no concern for Corrigan, who knows perfectly well there is no bullet to be found.

Shortly afterwards, Corrigan and Peter are at the hospital, waiting for the doctors to reveal the condition of the fat man, but as they wait, Corrigan tries to convince Peter to let him avoid normal procedures and interrogate the victim, but Peter refuses. Corrigan has no option but to set in motion his plan, which is part of the decision he made earlier. Corrigan takes Peter to a private room in the hospital, where he tells him that he now serves a higher purpose and that he needs information from the fat man. Still skeptical, Peter refuses and Corrigan decides to summon Spectre to settle things once and for all.

The ghostly apparition comes forth from Corrigan's body, leaving Peter utterly shocked. Spectre then proceeds to mention all the instances in which criminals across the city suffered strange demises, taking responsibility for them. Peter realizes Spectre is telling the truth, as the details and information of the crimes is accurate to the confidential files kept at the NYPD. Spectre then warns Peter to allow Corrigan to investigate with more freedom and interrogate any suspects that would help them locate the Cult and stop their murders. Convinced, Peter agrees to help Corrigan and after Spectre returns to his human host, they return to the waiting room, where the doctors inform them that the patient is out of danger, but there was no bullet found, just as Corrigan expected.

Inside the hospital room, Peter and Corrigan interrogate the fat man, inquiring about the location of his associates, to no avail. They realize they won't get the man to talk and Spectre comes out of Corrigan again, much to the fat man's horror. Spectre terrorizes the man and forces the informacion about the Cult's current location from him. Spectre returns to Corrigan and as they leave the room, Peter informs the fat man he is under arrest.

The criminal told them the Cult is bound to be at the abandoned Lighthouse in Rock Point and as they drive there, Peter tries to argue that they should stop the Cult "by the book". However, Corrigan convinces Peter that they can't deal with this situation in any normal way, as the system is not prepared to deal with these kind of threats. Peter has no choice but to agree and when they arrive at the place, they go inside the lighthouse, only to realize they have fallen into a trap.

The Cult has been waiting for them and the members form a circle around them. Their leader, Winston Scullis assumes Corrigan has come without Spectre and so, the cultist prepare the place to make it a sacrificial ceremony, in which Corrigan and Peter would become the victims of the Demon Spawn that has been guiding the Cult in their recent crimes. A circle of fire is created around Corrigan and Peter, while a trapdoor is opened from where the Demon Spawn comes. The creature is ready to feast upon their bodies, when Spectre shows up and attacks the Demon. The cultists realize their mistake and they flee, leaving the monster at the mercy of the Spectre. As the Spirit of Vengeance fights the Demon Spawn, Corrigan and Peter chase the Cultists, only to realize they are already escaping on a plane.

At the lighthouse, Spectre defeats the Demon, leaving it mortally wounded and after dealing with that threat, Spectre chases the cultists until he reaches the plane and takes full control of the vehicle. From the ground, Corrigan and Peter watch as the plane stops in mid-air and how a few seconds later, the whole vehicle explodes and is blown to pieces. Spectre returns to Corrigan's body having completed his mission and the lighthouse burns to the ground. In order to avoid more troubles, Corrigan and Peter toss the corpse of the Demon Spawn inside the burning lighthouse. The experience has allowed Peter to understand and feel sympathy for Corrigan, but the man is unable to feel the same for himself or his soul.


  • This book was first published on April 5, 1988.
  • Peter's last name suddenly becomes "Quarrel" instead of "Quarral", as it was in the initial issues of the series.


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