"First Stirrings": Jim Corrigan has set up his new private investigation agency in Madame Xanadu's shop in Greenwich Village, with assistance of the lovely Kim Liang, who wa

Quote1.png Understand that I have been changed-- reduced! I am vulnerable now, until I redeem myself-- and I will permit nothing to thwart that mission of redemption! Quote2.png

Spectre (Volume 2) #2 is an issue of the series Spectre (Volume 2) with a cover date of May, 1987.

Synopsis for "First Stirrings"

Jim Corrigan has set up his new private investigation agency in Madame Xanadu's shop in Greenwich Village, with assistance of the lovely Kim Liang, who was dragged to act as his assistant, but also as her protector. Kim's role is something Corrigan doesn't understand and with too much time on his hands due to his business being totally new, he can't help but think about her.

While thinking of Kim as usual, Corrigan notices a gargoyle flying outside his window and landing on the ledge of the building before turning to stone as The Spectre leaves the inanimate object. Spectre explains that the gargoyle is meant to replace the ancient relic that was destroyed during their rebirth, but Corrigan is not concerned for such matters. They soon start discussing their current situation and Spectre explains that besides having his powers reduced, he has become dependant of Corrigan's existence in order to complete his mission as an avenging ghost. Spectre tells Corrigan that they can only be split for 24 hours with no effects, but anything past that time would have serious consequences. It is then that Corrigan understands that Spectre is his soul and he needs him to stay alive and also that Kim's job is to protect Corrigan when he is separated from Spectre. After their understanding, Spectre returns to Corrigan's body.

Elsewhere, the Cult of the Blood Red Moon has gathered once again and their new self-appointed leader, Winston Scullis informs them about the recent return of The Spectre, in a less powerful state, which they could possibly defeat. However, the Cult is not complete and until all the members have been reached, Scullis also tells them that other dark forces have been released as a result of Spectre's return. At that moment, Lou Petrocci is being possessed by the powerful Demon that he found while investigating Jim Corrigan's place.

Moments later, Jim Corrigan talks to Kim about the lack of clients they've had since they started and he flirts with her intentionally. Before things could get serious, a woman by the name of Lucy Xerniak appears, seeking Corrigan's services as a private detective. When he takes the woman into his office, Corrigan is forced to go to the bathroom as Spectre has sensed the Demon's activities and he needs to investigate. True to Spectre's prediction, the Demon in control of Petrocci's body murders a man, a former member of the Cult, who refused to join them back. When Spectre arrives at the crime scene, he finds only an empty corpse and he uses his powers to reach the man's soul in the afterlife. Before the soul is carried away by the Phantom Stranger, Spectre learns about the Cult and following the trail left by the demon, he finds that Petrocci is involved in the murder and has to be dealt with.

Meanwhile at Corrigan's office, he learns that Lucy Xerniak is afraid of being murdered by the Cult, but before she could elaborate further, a giant eagle bursts into the office, rips her heart out and leaves the place with an explosion, which leaves Corrigan and Kim stunned. Later, the New York City Police Department arrive at Corrigan's office and besides inquiring about the murder, they also interrogate Corrigan about his sudden disappearance, but of course, he keeps the truth to himself. Before the police leave, they tell Corrigan about his former partner, Petrocci's disappearance and when The Spectre returns, he learns the gruesome truth about the man. Despite the disturbing truth, Corrigan is more interested in solving the murder of Lucy Xerniak and with Kim's help, he locates her brother: Winston Scullis.

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