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"Desecration: Epilogue – Matters of Faith": The Spectre travels on the River Styx and enters Hell, determined to reclaim the soul of Clarissa Marchebank.

Quote1.png Atonement must be made for your sins, yes... but there is forgiveness, if you accept it. All you need to do, like any soul in Hell, is step away from your cross. Quote2.png

Spectre (Volume 3) #31 is an issue of the series Spectre (Volume 3) with a cover date of July, 1995.

Synopsis for "Desecration: Epilogue – Matters of Faith"

The Spectre travels on the River Styx and enters Hell, determined to reclaim the soul of Clarissa Marchebank.

At St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, Father Craemer appears before his superiors. They are to decide whether Father Craemer should be allowed to continue serving as a Roman-Catholic priest. Craemer admits that he has referred to God as she. As he is debating this topic with his superiors, three of his friends enter the room uninvited: Amanda Waller, Madame Xanadu, and Ramban.

In Hell, the Spectre confronts Shaithan and demands the soul of Clarissa Marchebank, saying that she was not condemned to Hell but rather torn from her body and cast there by Azmodus. The Spectre then sees that Sekuba has crucified Clarissa, and Clarissa believes that she deserves her fate. The Spectre tells her that it is not for beings such as Azmodus to decide who deserves Heaven and who deserves Hell.

In New York, Amanda Waller, Ramban, and Madame Xanadu testify to Father Craemer's character. Waller describes Craemer's noble service in the Suicide Squad; Ramban tells of the time Craemer reached out to the Spectre when he was on the brink of insanity; Madame Xanadu recounts their recent trip to Hell, when Craemer confronted Azmodus. Father Craemer's superiors agree that these acts are very commendable, but they have no bearing on the day's proceedings. Father Craemer concurs, and his friends leave.

In Hell, the Spectre defeats Sekuba and then tells Clarissa that she may leave her cross whenever she chooses. She steps away, and the Spectre tells her that she will follow her grandmother's path: she will be reincarnated, and this new life will determine her salvation or damnation. Shaithan tells the Spectre that he has no right to make this decision. The Spectre goes to the gates of Heaven and asks Michael if his actions are acceptable. Michael says that Heaven approves.

In New York, Father Craemer admits that he will never accept all of the church's teachings. The Spectre appears, hoping to save Craemer's job. Despite the Spectre's efforts, Father Craemer concedes that he does not represent the church, and he has no business wearing a priest's collar. Craemer's superiors respect his decision and wish him well.

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