"A Rage in Hell": A missing boy named Billy Hoffman is trapped in a coffin that is buried in Westwood Cemetery.

Quote1 You overstep yourself, Spectre! You are not God. Quote2
Shathan the Eternal

Spectre (Volume 3) #5 is an issue of the series Spectre (Volume 3) with a cover date of April, 1993.

Appearing in "A Rage in Hell"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Deadman (Cameo)
  • Kate Hoffman
  • Mr. Hoffman
  • Billy Hoffman
  • Eddie Vega (Dies)
  • Ellen Vega (Dies)
  • Doug Marshall (Dies)


  • New York City
    • Westwood Cemetery
    • Siegel–Bailey Memorial Hospital
  • The Land of the Recently Departed
  • Hell

Synopsis for "A Rage in Hell"

A missing boy named Billy Hoffman is trapped in a coffin that is buried in Westwood Cemetery.

Elsewhere, the police race down the highway, chasing a car that ran a stop sign. The car crashes and blows up, killing two of the passengers. The dying driver is rushed to Siegel-Bailey Memorial Hospital, where Lt. Nate Kane informs the police that they were chasing the kidnappers of a missing boy. Lt. Kane then informs Billy's parents that their babysitter, Ellen Vega, was one of the three people responsible for the kidnapping. Unfortunately, the third kidnapper dies in the hospital, and they were the only ones who knew Billy's location.

Amy Beitermann and Lt. Kane run into Jim Corrigan at the hospital. Jim agrees to enter the soul of the dead kidnapper (Eddie), who was the twin brother of Ellen. The Spectre does not find Eddie's soul in the land of the recently departed, so he goes to the only place that Eddie's soul could be: Hell.

In Hell, the Spectre sees Louis Snipe, who is being tortured by strange slug-like creatures. Then the Spectre sees Jebediah Corrigan, Jim's father. The Spectre calls out to Shathan the Eternal, a huge red demon. The Spectre asks for the soul of Eddie Vega, but Shathan denies him, because Shathan himself is busy torturing Eddie.

Shathan and the Spectre fight. Shathan inflicts punishments upon the Spectre similar to the punishments that the Spectre visited upon others. But the Spectre, using the power of the unavenged murdered and dead, defeats Shathan and rips Eddie Vega out of Shathan's chest. Eddie reveals Billy's location, and then the Spectre tosses Eddie back into Hell.

As the Spectre is leaving, Shathan tells the Spectre of a legend in Hell of a prince of the damned who repented his rebellion; that a devil melded with a human host and roams the earth in service to Heaven.

In the hospital, Eddie's body briefly comes back to life and tells Amy where Billy is. Lt. Kane and Billy's father rush to the cemetery and dig him up just in time. Lt. Kane wonders what Corrigan did to get the information that led to Billy's rescue.


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