"Righteous Anger": In Hell, Lord Shathan is being tortured. He vows to rise again; he reveals that his familiar, Azmodus, slipped out of Hell with the Spectre.

Quote1 I am the Spectre. I am the wrath of the murdered dead. I am the hand of justice wreaking vengeance from beyond the grave. Quote2

Spectre (Volume 3) #8 is an issue of the series Spectre (Volume 3) with a cover date of July, 1993.

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Synopsis for "Righteous Anger"

In Hell, Lord Shathan is being tortured. He vows to rise again; he reveals that his familiar, Azmodus, slipped out of Hell with the Spectre.

At Secari Corporate Headquarters in New York City, William Martindale's employees make fun of him. He receives a visit from Azmodus, who offers him power in exchange for his shadow. Martindale accepts. Azmodus tells Martindale to enjoy himself until the day of his return.

At the police station, Lt. Nate Kane tells the captain that he's worried about his friend Amy Beitermann because she has AIDS, which is what all of the Reaver's victims had in common. The captain tells him that he can't tell her about the Reaver's motive, since he can't promise him that she wouldn't go to the media. As they're talking, Lt. Kane sees the plaster mold of Jim Corrigan and says "It's him! Not his father or grandfather! It's him!"

Amy is afraid to leave her apartment, because she knows she's fated to die in a gruesome manner by an unknown killer. She is about to take some pills to kill herself, but Corrigan arrives. He tells her she'll go to Hell if she kills herself.

Corrigan promises to stay close to her, and when the killer comes, he'll "make the bastard wish he'd never been born." Amy says no: "If despair is one kind of hell, then anger and vengeance are two more. What is justice without mercy, without compassion?"

Lt. Kane comes to Amy's apartment and tells her he knows that Corrigan died sixty years ago. Then, he panics after he touches her, thinking he may have contracted AIDS. The Spectre fights him thinking he may be Amy's murderer. He learns that Lt. Kane has known many people who have died of various diseases, and he is afraid of suffering a similar fate. Having looked inside his heart, the Spectre learns his secret: all of the Reaver's victims were infected with the HIV virus. The Spectre then tells Amy, and she vows to alert the media.

Elsewhere in the city, Azmodus saves a junkie's life in exchange for his shadow. The junkie's shadow goes underground to the sewer and joins the other shadows that Azmodus has taken. Azmodus is growing stronger and needs just a few more shadows until he is powerful enough to confront the Spectre.


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