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Spera is the sister of Gaudium and Lumen. She is a fallen cherub who followed Lucifer Morningstar in his rebellion against Heaven, presumably because she was smitten with him.

After Elaine Belloc's death, Gaudium felt responsable, so he went for councel with his sister. Spera thought of searching for a statuette of the Goddess Eriti that could concede any wish. Both brothers searched and found the item, and were rescued at last by the recently exiled Michael Demiurgos, who confirmed them that the Goddess Eriti could not perform that miracle, so everything was for nothing. Spera showed a lot of appreciatton for Michael.[1]

Later she helped Lucifer in rescuing Elaine from the Mansions of Silence, along her brother and others individuals. There she again fell in love, this time from Bergelmir.[2]

Once back from that reality, she helped Elaine to take out all immortals from Lucifer's Creation, as he did not wanted any menace in his reign.[3]

After the war for Heaven, she helped his brother to dismantle the lower realms, as Elaine asked them to. They found Remiel and Lumen, his older brother. Elaine took care of Remiel, and Lumen went with his siblings to live.[4]

Lastly she went with Elaine, to a all-girls night out, and from all the girls who went out, she was the only one who did not received a gift or special goodbye message from Elaine.[5] She lived after that with her brothers a somewhat peacefull life.




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