The Sphere of the Gods is part of The Seven Forces of the Universe and is the cosmic force that gives the universe Magic, and grants the Gods and those who have godlike abilities their power.


It is metaphysical reality whose inhabitants exist on a higher plane of existence than the inhabitants of the 52 realities that make up the Orrery of Worlds, but on a lower plane of existence than the denizens of the reality known as the Monitor Sphere. Beings such as the New Gods and other pantheons such as the Gods of Olympus, the Angels, the Demons, wield this power and are considered multiversal singularities.[1]

The Sphere of the Gods is home to most if not all the Gods and Immortals that exist within the Multiverse who each reside in 1 of 8 realms that make up the Sphere of the Gods. Except for a few, all of the beings who originate from the Sphere of the Gods are Multiversal Singularities, meaning that there is one version of them in the entire multiverse, and that they exist within all realities simultaneously.

The Sphere of the Gods is composed of 8 realms that each act as a polar opposite to another realm within the Sphere of the Gods, such as the shining New Genesis which acts as the polar opposite to the fiery Apokolips. Each of the realms within the Sphere of the Gods is directly connected to at least 1 reality within the Orrery of Worlds which greatly affects the natures and developments of the universes they are connected to, as well as those in close relative proximity to them such as in the case of Earth 11.

Travel between the Sphere of the Gods and the other planes of existence in the Multiverse is normally not possible, but can be artificially achieved through the use of a Boom Tube or a Shift Ship. Natural portals to the Sphere of the Gods have been known to exist within the Orrery of the Worlds such as Greece's Mount Olympus serving as a portal to the portion of Skyland that the Gods of Olympus reside in.

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