The man known only as the Spider was a laborer who came to Gotham to help renovate Wayne Manor into the new Arkham Asylum after the latter had been destroyed during a year long scheme to kill Batman. The Spider eventually gave up working and instead hid himself inside the walls of the new asylum, no one knowing where he had went, waiting for the inmates to arrive. [1]

The Spider started mysteriously killing inmates, causing Batman to go undercover as the inmate Jack Shaw. Batman got into a fight late at night with the Spider, believing him to be Mister Zsasz, but the Spider escaped capture before the guards arrived. [2]

The Spider soon targeted Zsasz directly, torturing him within an inch of his life and leaving him to die. Batman eventually discovered the Spider and, after another battle, finally defeated him and through him out a two story window. When Batman tried to question him, the Spider simply bit off his own tongue.

The serial killer was taken to a cell in the manor and chained in a straight jacket. He had burnt off his finger tips as a means of keeping his true identity secret, but Batman had hope that he would someday discover the Spider's true identity. [3]



  • Mental Illness
  • Missing Tongue: The Spider bit off his own tongue as a self-destructive means of keeping himself quiet when being interrogated by Batman. [4]
    • Mute: Though not technically mute, the Spider will never be able to talk correctly again without the use of his tongue.



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