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 The Spider Guild are a coalition of Arachnid aliens who have caused many problems for the Green Lantern Corps and the Omega Men.


Over 50,000 years ago the arachnids developed the ability to travel to the stars. They are a conquering race that use fleets of drones that answer to a central computer control at Wombworld. They move from space sector to space sector, always searching for new worlds to occupy. In the process the arachnids have established a Spider Imperium that has become a universe-wide threat.[1]

When Spider Guild drone ships arrive at the targeted world, they unleash colonizers (robot spiders) that wrap the inhabitants in webbing to use them later as food for the hatchlings.[1] Not all of the Spider World's prospective conquests prove successful however. More than thirty years ago, a Spider Guild force occupied the planet of Ogyptu, which was populated by giant, stone humanoids. Time passed differently for the native Ogyptuans than it did for other species, and they were not even aware of the Spider Guild's presence. The occupation force remained on Ogyptu until the guild masters died of old age. The Ogyptuans never even knew they were there.[2]

One of the first Green Lantern Corps members to encounter the Spider Guild was the equine Brin. Brin attempted to use reason to convince the Spider Guild to turn back their invasion fleet, but when this failed he summoned his brethren in the Green Lantern Corps. Where Brin failed, the other Corps members succeeded in repelling them.[3] The Spider Guild would not go away forever though, and it wasn't long before other champions of freedom would have to deal with them. The Guild made a steadfast sweep across the Vega star system first taking the planet Aello and continuing on their attack pattern until they occupied Euphorix and then Okaara. Invariably, these attacks put them into direct conflict with the Omega Men. During the invasion of Euphorix, the Spider Guild succeeded in capturing the Eurphorian and leader of the Omega Men Primus.[4]

Early in the first decade of the 21st century, the Spider Guild attempted to conquer the Milky Way galaxy. Using as the base of operations, a planetoid-sized starship in the Vega Star System, they created black holes across the galaxy which were connected to Vega base via a subspace web.[5][6] Members of the Green Lantern Corps who were investigating the black hole phenomena or defending those in danger from the black hole were taken captive and one of them was used as food by the hatchlings. Upon escaping, they joined other Green Lanterns in destroying the Spider Guild base and the millions of arachnids on the ship.[7] Less than a year later, the Spider Guild of the Vega system had been absorbed into the dominion of Lady Styx and were fanatical followers.[8] Several years later, the Spider Guild in the Vega system were attacked and assimilated by the Third Army.[9]


Type of Government:

Guild Fathers

Level of Technology:


  • Warp-capable Starships
  • Creation of Black Holes: The Spider-Guild is able to use them to travel to and from destinations.[10]
  • Subspace Web: Connects the Black Holes.[5]
  • Robots: Drones (spiders, humanoids, and ships)

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