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In 1942, Republic Pictures created a series of Spy Smasher serial episodes that were previewed in movie houses from week to week before the start of the feature films. Twelve episodes were created, each one running approximately eighteen minutes in length, the first of which was released on April 4th of 1942. The series was directed by William Witney with writing credits attributed to Ronald Davidson and Norman S. Hall. Actor Kane Richmond played the part of Spy Smasher, and his alter ego Alan Armstrong,as well as Alan's twin brother,Jack Armstrong. Margueritte Chapman played the role of Eve Corby, Jack's fiancée who usually found herself the target victim of the hero's arch-nemesis, the Mask (played by Hans Schumm). Spy Smasher and Eve Corby's adventures typically revolved around confounding the Mask's villainous efforts in France, during the height of Nazi occupation. Ironically, the comic book version of the Mask had already been killed prior to the release of the first episode of the Spy Smasher serial. The series was re-released in 1966 as a single movie entitled Spy Smasher Returns, however it had been edited down to a running time of one-hundred minutes. In 1995 Republic Pictures Corporation released a two-tape VHS video tape collection of the series.



  • The serial uses Beethoven's 5th Symphony in C Minor as its theme music.