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Squad K is a government team led by Percy Hazard whose purpose is to "corral" Superman should the need arise, and as well in apprehending other Kryptonian criminals.


Squad K, led by Percy Hazard, was sent to Metropolis to restrain Superman using order "Mind Control Alpha" when it was thought he was under the control of Arion. Superman beat back Squad K and they parted on amicable terms.[1] Squad K was sent in arresting Supergirl, Flamebird, and Nightwing for the supposed "murder" of Mon-El. At the behest of General Samuel Lane, the team later reluctantly allowed the criminal Reactron to join in their hunt of the wanted Kryptonians. After arresting the Kryptonians, Hazard and Squad K then realized from them that General Lane had planned in killing them. Shortly realizing this, Hazard and Squad K were then killed by Reactron.

Following after the deaths of Hazard and the original members of Squad K, the team was replaced by new members and led by Sergeant Cloud who are loyal to General Lane.


Equipment: Hi-tech and Kryptonite-based weapons

Weapons: Hi-tech and Kryptonite-based weapons

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