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The Stag was the shared identity of a family of serial killers that stalked the globe for untold generations.


Supposedly descended from the Biblical Cain, members of the bloodline of the Stag spent centuries ritualistically murdering humanitarians, philanthropists and societal benefactors.[1] Each kill was believed to further tarnish the Stag's collective soul with the ultimate objective of breaching the door to the mythic realm of Shamba-La.[2] This dark purpose eventually brought the Stag to Gotham City where it sought out Batman to be the final victim of its perverse ceremony.[1]

Only one member of the Stag's clan was visibly active at a time, giving rise to perception that the Stag was a single, immortal entity.[3] Every Stag was known to speak only a single cryptic sentence: "I am an honest signal."



  • Prehistoric Daggers: Each Stag was equipped with an ancient dagger, one of which was revealed to be over 50,000 years old.[4] These daggers were laced with metaphysical circuitry that prevented wounds from healing properly and marked the Stag's murders across the generations.[3]

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