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The man who would become Stalker was originally a normal hunter wanted on three continents for his habits of hunting the most dangerous of prey. One day, his overconfidence led to an encounter with an injured black leopard. The encounter left Stalker broken...literally. His spine was broken in five places and needed to be replaced. The agonizing operation left him with a cybernetic spinal prosthetic that not only saved his life, but also greatly enhanced his strength, speed and reflexes. Once out of the hospital, Stalker tracked down the leopard that had wounded him and took his revenge with his bare hands. It was easy...too easy. Stalker realized that with his new abilities, NO prey could offer him a challenge and sank into a depression that seemed endless. Then, Stalker heard of the return of the legendary Batman. Stalker had always believed that the Batman was in fact an immortal spirit that possessed the greatest warrior of each generation to create the heroic being of legends. Such a creature would no doubt offer him the challenge he needed. Stalker went to Gotham to track and kill Batman.





  • Stalker carries a bag of special powder that clings to his targets. He has a contact lens that allows him to see the otherwise invisible powder and track his targets wherever they go.


  • Stalker carries an array of high-tech weapons modeled after the tribal tools of his ancestors. These include darts, a blow-gun and his signature javelin.



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