Stalker is an immortal warrior who has sold his soul for prowess in battle.

Stalker was a nameless youth who was thrown out of his home as a child and grew up on the streets of Geranth. He abandoned all hope, and as a young man, offered a prayer at the temple of D'grth, the god of warriors. D'grth answered his prayers, offering power and skill of a great warrior in trade for his soul.

He took the name Stalker from D'grth and did not believe he would need his soul when he was dead. D'grth took his soul and left him alive, void of a soul. Stalker pursued him into Hell and freed an army of the damned to battle the warrior god. D'grth claimed he did not have the power to reverse the trade. D'grth claimed to be an elder god who lived on the souls and prayers of those who believed in him. Stalker's soul would remain D'grth's as long as there was one person alive who worshiped him.

Stalker vowed to banish evil and war from his world to free his soul. If Stalker died before his task was complete, D'grth swore he would have the most awful damnation for him. At the end of World War II, Stalker went insane and evolved into a demon/supervillian and fought the Justice Society of America and The King. He was trying to destroy dimension after dimension to further his quest of eliminating evil. After the battle, he seemed to be destroyed in a time warp generator. He next appears in modern times looking younger, healthier and more sane (This Stalker could have been plucked from the time stream).

He encourages Wonder Woman to recruit Claw and Beowulf to defeat D'grth and Grendel, who have joined forces. When Wonder Woman's party find D'grth and Beowulf, Stalker tells them that their souls are being traded for his. Stalker throws his sword at Diana, Beowulf gets in front of her and is wounded. Claw tends to Beowulf's wounds, while Wonder Woman steals the Rock of Destiny and transports herself to Earth along with D'grth. She leaves Stalker alone, apparently with a soul. Stalker has been stealing Wonder Woman's soul since their first encounter. Stalker, reluctantly, agrees to trade her soul back. He joins the team for the destruction of D'grth. He leaves with an oracle as companion. It is unknown if Stalker has his soul, another soul, or is still soulless since the destruction of D'grth.

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