Stanislaus Johns lived with his mother all his life until she died at the age of 78. The morning he found her dead, he began hearing several angry voices in his head. After his mother was buried, Stanislaus began to dislike the cemetery as there seemed to be no order or system for selecting the burial locations - all professions seemingly mixed together. Stanislaus began to believe the angry voices in his head were those of the dead from the grave, angry about how they had been placed. Soon after Stanislaus was fired from his library job for, among other reasons, relocating books to an altered, "modernized" Dewey Decimal System. His job loss only increased the loudness of the voices. Stanislaus could think of only one way to silence the voices, reorganize their burial locations into an orderly system. Thus he created a "library of souls" by imposing a library shelf system over a map of Gotham City and relocating those bodies for whom he could learn their professions. Soon after his start, he got the idea of adding leather jackets, as "jackets" are often used to protect books, and adding their proper classification numbers. When the cemeteries became too secure to continue, a result of the police discovering the source of Stanislaus' exhumed bodies, Stanislaus moved to creating his own corpses. His actions diminished the voices in his head.

Batman, meanwhile, had been following the trail of exhumed bodies and theorized much of what Stanislaus had been doing. Batman reverse-engineered a similar map using the Dewey Decimal System and the locations of the dead bodies to date. He realized that the most recently killed were killed in numerical order and began patrolling the area of the next likely number. He encountered Stanislaus dropping off his latest victim but Stanislaus blew up his vehicle endangering innocents and escaped while Batman rescued them. All the while, something bothered Batman about the numbers on the jackets. Jenny is also troubled and realizes that the sportsman was seemingly misnumbered. Jenny Holding, a librarian who had helped Batman create his map, recalled a former employee, Stanislaus Johns, who had tried to alter the Dewey Decimal System and similarly used different numbers. Suspecting there may be a connection, she looked up his address on her computer and went to his house. Stanislaus captured her intending to make her his next victim but gleefully recounted his story to her. Jenny kept him talking long enough for Batman to arrive and rescue her. Batman, who had also realized the numbers were off and returned to the library, discovered Jenny's computer with Stanislaus' file still on the screen. Batman captured Stanislaus and summoned the police.



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