Quote1 I mark you as Robin, squire of Gotham's Dark Knight! Prepare to die by the hand of the Dark Rider! Quote2
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History of character has not yet been written.


  • Possession: Whatever Dark Rider is it has mystical powers Stan does not and Stan does not remember the actions the entity takes while it controls his body.
    • Equestrianism: Dark Rider rides a shadow mount, which are structured and move very like a horse with the additions of flight and intangibility.
    • Invulnerability: When Dark Rider is in control the body he shares with Stan can fall headfirst onto concrete from more than ten stories up without any lasting damage. It does cause pain to the entity, and he bleeds fairly easily from his mouth and nose but this blood is not a sign any actual damage.
    • Magic: Dark Rider can form armor and a magic weapon when in control of Stan's body.
    • Summoning: Dark Rider can summon one shadow mount per night.


  • Power Limitation: Dark Rider can only take possession at night and fades with morning's light.


Shadow Mount


Magic Lance

enemy of Robin

Robin Vol 2



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