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Stanley Dover is an inmate of Slabside Maximum Security Prison, serving time for murder.

He managed to escape when Ricardo Diaz attacked the prison and caused a riot by releasing all the prisoners from their cells.

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  • Tactical Analysis: Stanley is a very intelligent and calculating serial killer, with exceptional observation and investigative skills, as he is capable of learning everything about his victims.
  • Deception: Stanley is an exceptional liar, as he was able to deceive Arrow for months and lead him to believe he was incarcerated for crimes that he didn't commit.
  • Toxicology: Due to Stanley's family history, he is very proficient in toxicology as evidenced by him being able to create homemade Mivacurium (a paralyzing drug) by mixing Mercurium and other substances.
  • Weaponry:As the "Star City Slayer", Stanley uses small blades to kill his victims. He was able to kill the much larger Danny Brickwell; however, it should be noted that Stanley only managed to kill Brickwell while he was not looking.
  • Stealth:Stanley has great skills in stealth. He was able to sneak up on Oliver Queen during a prison riot start by Ricardo Diaz; however, it should be noted that Oliver's honed senses weren't in good condition at the time.

Other Characteristics

  • Obsession: Stanley, as a result of his largely traumatic childhood, became a unstable person starving to follow someone who sees as the figure of his deceased older brother; but when discovers that person as being under his expectations, Stanley don't think twice about kill not only the one who broke his expectations, but going far away and committing a carnage.


  • Knife
  • Gas mask
  • Syringe



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