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Quote1.png As a society we're drowning in a quagmire of vid clips, e-mails and sound bytes. We can't absorb it all. There's only one sane solution: blow it up! Quote2.png
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Mad Stan is a conspiracy theorist who believed the lies could only be stopped by blowing everything up.

The Trigger Man

While out of town, Mad Stan was believed to have been killed by Hush. Finding that the serial killer had ransacked his supply of demolitions, Stanley went to his supply only to discover Boris Dubov was dealing with the Jokerz. A fight ensured between the three groups, Mad Stan took a mysterious trigger from Boris while the seller stole Boom-Boom, Stan's pet dog.[1] Later, Mad Stan agreed to an exchange at an abandoned market. One of Boris' men slipped that the card was actually a trigger that could arm any explosive, so Labowski decided to arm Boris' armory. Batman arrived and while he failed to stop the explosion, he was able to get all parties to safety. Mad Stan was subsequently taken into custody.[2]


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