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Fire Lad was a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

Staq Mavlen hails from the human colony of Shwar. The planet has a very low oxygen content which the people had to adapt to over many years. Staq gained his ability to breath fire from a falling meteor which crashed into his home planet. When he went to investigate he inhaled the fumes form the fallen rock. The fumes mutated his body allowing the ability to breath fire.

Staq decided to put his powers to good use so travelled to Earth to audition for the Legion of Substitute Heroes. When he tried to demonstrate his powers to the legionnaires they went out of control burning things on site. It was then that he realised that Earth had more oxygen in the atmosphere compared to Shwar so his powers were increased to dangerous levels. He was deemed too uncontrollable by the Legion.

After the audition he met up with a group of five other failed recruits. The team decided to band together to show the Legionnaires they were capable of being heroes. The team formed was dubbed the Legion of Substitute Heroes..[1]

The numbers of the team dwindled after they were attacked xenophobic Justice League of Earth who wish to rid the Earth of aliens. The team now only consists of himself, Stone Boy, Rainbow Girl and Chlorophyll Kid. Over time like many other subs his powers develops further and during the battles against the renegade Justice League of Earth he is shown to have much greater control over his Pyrokinesis. In a fight with Golden Boy he is shown reaching the melting point of gold without losing control.[2]


  • Pyrokinesis: Staq Mavlen at first gained the power to breath fire from his mouth and nose, his control over this power was weak at first. He can set any combustible item on fire, melt thin metal walls, burn out impurities in chemicals and set up signal flares. Overtime he was able to manipulate fire further to the point were he appeared that his hair and eyes were aflame when his power was active. He is eventually able to reach the melting point of gold without losing control.


Other Characteristics

  • Allergies: Staq Mavlen hails from the planet Shwar, when he traveled to Earth he was unaware that he would be allergic to the environment. As with most allergies it causes him to sneeze but combined with his powers makes him a walking fire hazard.