"G.I. Zombie": Carmen King walks up the road to the Rain Tree Farm, with her partner Jared - a zombie - following unseen, as she prepares to infiltrate the militia group that lives there. The guard at the gate pats her down, and she

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G.I. Zombie

Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie #2 is an issue of the series Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 27, 2014.

Appearing in "G.I. Zombie"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Duke
  • Valerie Watkins
  • Marcos

Other Characters:

  • Cat
  • Sylvia




Synopsis for "G.I. Zombie"

Carmen King walks up the road to the Rain Tree Farm, with her partner Jared - a zombie - following unseen, as she prepares to infiltrate the militia group that lives there. The guard at the gate pats her down, and she makes it inside relatively unmolested. From his position, Jared considers that Carmen is a good agent, but not necessarily the best fit for him as a partner. Sensing two men sneaking up on him, he flings a knife into the throat of one man and warns the other not to make a sound. He demands to know when his next check in will be, and after intimidating his prey into answering him, he pockets the man's phone.

Meanwhile, Duke, the leader of the militia gang that Carmen infiltrated the night before checks in on the purchase of a new bio-weapon. After the deal goes down, he hears of "Tiffany"'s arrival. The scientists who sold him the weapon, meanwhile, aren't sure that their employer was sane to give their product to a bunch of redneck militia men. As they leave the compound, Jared snaps a photo of them, and sends it back to Washington.

There, his superiors recognize Valerie Watkins as a former employee who resigned for personal reasons. She had been under surveillance before moving overseas, but she was considered a non-threat. Mr. Anderson decides that whoever removed her from their watchlist will need a talking to.

Duke gives Tiffany a tour, showing her his fields of marijuana plants, which are spared police raids because he owns the police. He gets to business, recalling that she'd been looking for work, and asking how she really feels about the federal government. Jared, meanwhile, shoots the guard dead, and makes his way inside. Tiffany explains that she has no love for the government, and Duke responds that the CIA tried to recruit him three times. He no longer trusts the government, complaining of how dependent the people have become on its handouts and big government. Tiffany reiterates her libertarian views, and Duke admits he is convinced of her intentions, but the sound of an alarm shifts his focus to the intruder on the compound.

Unhappily, Jared has to hide from the men who come to investigate the noise, and he resumes his search, hitting the jackpot when he sees two scientists leaving a seemingly innocuous stair case. When he investigates, he's attacked, and shoots both scientists dead. What he finds in their lab is not what he expects to find, but he can't investigate any further, when an unpinned grenade lands at his feet. His pursuers think they've won, but he rises from the debris and riddles them with bullets.

Duke, meanwhile, entrusts the virus to Tiffany, and sends her to the other farm along with one of his scientists.

From a vantage point within one of the farmhouses, Jared goes through several clips of ammo, cutting down Duke's men, but they just keep coming. When he spots a man loading a rocket launcher, he becomes worried, but he is fortunate in that Gravedigger's team catches up in time to vaporize them. Together, they continue to search for Carmen on the property, unaware that she has gone already. When they catch up to Duke in Gravedigger's chopper, they see that he is preparing to launch a missile from his truck. They manage to shoot out the truck's tires, but the launch sequence has already been initiated. Hurriedly, Jared climbs on top of the missile, just as it launches into the air. Grinning, Duke warns Gravedigger that whether they shoot the missile down or let it explode, its payload will still be devastating.

In mid-air, Jared tries to get at the missile's onboard computer to determine it's target, and realizes that it's Washington. He tears out the wires, hoping it will explode, but to no avail. He'll have to change its course. He shoots off one of its rudders, and the missile veers off course into the middle of Sutterville, Tennessee.


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